Tarran Jones
Tarran Phil K: Ensemble doutils de sauvetage, Emergency rescue axe device. Tarran Phil K, OSLER HOSKIN & HARCOURT, February 15, 1983: CA1141107

EMERGENCY RESCUE AXE DEVICE Abstract of the Invention A combination tool is disclosed particularly suitablefor emergency rescue applications, generally composed oftwo pivotally connected elongate handle members having anaxe head and pick head mounted respectively thereon. Thehandle members may be lo ...

Chris D. Palmby
Chris D Palmby: Cutting apparatus. July 3, 2012: US08209871

A cutting apparatus includes a housing that has a first end wall, a second end wall, a first side wall, a second side wall, a front wall and a rear wall. The first end wall has a blade aperture extending therethrough. A fixed blade is mounted in the housing and extends through the blade aperture. Th ...

Eli Polonsky: Suture fusing and cutting apparatus. N J Aquilino, May 5, 1987: US04662068 (327 worldwide citation)

A suture fusing and cutting apparatus having a forcep type instrument with jaws including a cutting edge and a fusing surface. The jaws are heated or otherwise stimulated by energy to sever and fuse plastic suture material when the jaws are closed on the suture.

F Barry Bays, Arthur F Trott, Sam R Marchand: Tack and applicator for treating torn bodily material in vivo. Concept, Epstein Edell & Retzer, December 5, 1989: US04884572 (241 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for repairing in vivo torn cartilaginous or other bodily tissue, particularly torn meniscus tissue during arthroscopic surgery, employs a repair tack of biodegradable material chosen to have a degradation time in excess of the required healing time for the tissue. The repair tack has a ...

Lanzoni Maurice: Force magnifying apparatus for a cutting forceps. Eis Instr, December 18, 1996: EP0748614-A1 (203 worldwide citation)

The booster mechanism, designed to reduce the effort needed to close its cutting jaws (2,3), has one pair of levers (13,14) carrying the jaws, and a second pair (11,12) connecting the first pair to an actuating piston (7). The piston slides inside one of the handles (4) of the cutter, while the seco ...

Sylvester W Bies: Retractable blade knife. The Stanley Works, Prutzman Kalb Chilton & Alix, November 18, 1980: US04233734 (185 worldwide citation)

A retractable blade knife of the type having an elongate tubular handle and an elongate flat thin blade mounted for longitudinal sliding movement in the handle, is provided with a combination slide and latching member for positioning the blade which includes a slide mounted for sliding movement on t ...

Gilbert Richard: Blade-carriers for retractable bladeknives. Stanley Works, August 16, 1989: GB2213416-A (183 worldwide citation)

A blade-carrier 12A for a retractable blade knife (11A Fig 1) has a close-coiled helical tension spring 21A arranged to act in a cantilever fashion, on a button member 20A to move teeth (32B, Fig 12b) into interlocking engagement with teeth (22A, Fig 1) on the knife handle, to lock the blade-carrier ...

Reaney Albert, Taylor Michael: Retractable blade knife. Stanley Tools, Prutzman Hayes Kalb & Chilton, February 4, 1975: US3863339 (180 worldwide citation)

The retractable blade knife of the present invention is designed to have the minimum number of parts and to require the minimum amount of fabrication. The casing is in two parts, namely, a body of molded plastic and a cover of pressed sheet metal, which come apart for removal and replacement of the ...

George C Sessions, Bradford J Parrish: Folding knife. Fiskars, Foley & Lardner, April 30, 1996: US05511310 (154 worldwide citation)

A foldable hand tool, such as a pocket folding knife, includes a knife blade and a handle for storing the knife blade, and a pivotally biased lock bar to secure the blade in extended position. The knife also includes a pair of non-slip ridges mechanically interlocked with the handle in a region of t ...

Timothy S Leatherman: Lock-bar foldable tool. Leatherman Tool Group, Chernoff Vilhauer McClung & Stenzel, December 26, 1989: US04888869 (145 worldwide citation)

A lock-back foldable tool includes a folding locking channel which nests outside of the channel-shaped handle of the tool. The locking channel fits closely over a spring, integral with the web of the channel-shaped handle, which bears against a cam surface on the base of the tool blade. When the bla ...