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A platform device for attaching to a working table includes a pair of rails slidably supported on a base, and a plate slidably supported on the rails. The base includes two grooves for slidably receiving the rails. One or more stops are secured on the base, and two end boards secured to the ends of ...

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A power table saw assembly is disclosed which includes arrangements for the storage of spare parts at convenient locations about the surface thereof and in position for ready access to the spare parts without negatively impacting the aesthetics of the product. Specifically, arrangements are provided ...

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To provide for digital positioning, without inertia of moving parts, a laser beam is transmitted to a substrate which is to be exposed, etched, or the like, particularly when microcircuits are to be produced, by monitoring the displacement of the substrate, mechanically, in two mutually perpendicula ...

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A foldable worktable includes a tabletop and two H-shaped legs pivotally attached to a bottom of the tabletop to support the tabletop during use. Each leg has a first attachment member attached to hold the tabletop and the two legs in place to make the worktable stable when in use or folded.

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A table saw apparatus including an extendable table. The table saw also includes a rip fence with a constant alignment spring finger to ensure alignment at all times between the rip fence and the table saw blade. The table saw further includes a self-adjusting rip fence scale associated with the ext ...

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The two-section all-plastic case is molded in one piece, the flexible web hingedly connecting the two sections being integral therewith and subjected to flexing while still hot from the mold to be flexible thereafter without breakage for the life of the case. A latch plate is also molded integral wi ...


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A table saw or other cutting machine includes carrying members on an underside of the work table generally adjacent the flanged table edge in order to provide an increased gripping surface area to be grasped by the operator when lifting and transporting the cutting machine. The machine is preferably ...

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A precision positioning system is provided which provides long travel in two of the linear dimensions, while using non-contact bearings for both a first subassembly which provides long travel in one of the linear dimension and a second subassembly which provides long travel in the second linear dime ...

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A container for hand tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, a hammer, a pliers and the like, includes a substantially rectangular, opaque, flexible, sheet-like base member. Flexible holding elements are secured in parallel relationship to the base member to define a plurality of pockets, which expan ...