Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
Chinniah Thiagarajan, Frans Adriaansen, Bhawesh Kumar: Apparatus for connecting panels. Sabic Innovations Plastics IP, Cantor Colburn, December 13, 2011: US08074418 (28 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are connectors for panels. In one embodiment a panel connector comprises, a connector comprising a rib-hinging geometry, wherein the rib-hinging geometry comprises living hinges, and wherein the rib-hinging geometry is capable of expanding in area. In another embodiment, a panel ass ...

Arnold Keller: Surgical chisel. Waldemar Link & Co, Townsend and Townsend, May 6, 1986: US04586496 (161 worldwide citation)

A surgical chisel is formed by a flexurally rigid chisel shank and a thin, elongated chisel blade fixed at its front end, which are both displaceably guided in slideways in a chisel guide, which lends the chisel blade buckling resistance.

Todd J Christianson: Coated abrasive article, method for preparing the same, and method of using a coated abrasive article to abrade a hard workpiece. Minnesota Mining and Manfacturing Company, Gregory J Feulner, November 2, 1999: US05975988 (157 worldwide citation)

A coated abrasive having a backing and an abrasive layer coated on the first major of the backing, wherein a cross-section of the abrasive layer normal to the thickness and at a center point of the thickness has a total cross-sectional area of abrasive agglomerates which is substantially the same as ...

Yoseph Bar Cohen, Stewart Sherrit: Self mountable and extractable ultrasonic/sonic anchor. The United States of America represented by the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, January 2, 2007: US07156189 (127 worldwide citation)

Self drilling anchors and related methods and apparatus. In one embodiment an apparatus comprises a drill bit, a hammer mechanism for hammering the drill bit in a first direction and in a second direction, and a selection mechanism for controlling whether, at a given point in time, the drill bit is ...

Kniff Thomas J: Impacting tool with tungsten carbide insert tip. Kennametal, Crosby Melvin A, April 30, 1974: US3807804 (126 worldwide citation)

An impacting tool in which a massive hard carbide element is fitted to a steel holder which is reciprocated to drive the element against a formation to be broken. The massive carbide element can be press fitted in the steel holder or shrink fitted therein or brazed thereto and, furthermore, the carb ...

Joe E Koeth, Melvin J Hoffman, Paul D Jackson: Semiconductor wafer carrier and method. IPEC Westech Systems, Harry M Weiss, June 13, 1995: US05423558 (90 worldwide citation)

An improved semiconductor wafer carrier provides gimballing motion of the wafer to dynamically align the wafer to a polishing platen. This gimballing motion is achieved by providing a conical receptacle which has a spring friction fit with a spherical button. A torque plate with spring fingers provi ...

Takuo Arakawa, Masao Miwa: Hammer drill with a mode change-over mechanism. Makita Corporation, Lahive & Cockfield, December 1, 1998: US05842527 (87 worldwide citation)

A hammer drill has a mode change-over mechanism including a change link with a horizontally elongated slot, an eccentric pin projecting from a mode selector switch and penetrating the slot. The change link is moved vertically by rotating the mode selector switch, which in turn vertically moves a pai ...

Wolfgang Lippacher, Reinhard Riedl: Hand-held tool with detachable tool bit chuck. Hilti Aktiengesellschaft, Toren McGeady & Associates, April 25, 1989: US04824298 (75 worldwide citation)

A hand-held tool for use as a powered drill or screw driver, has a chuck for holding a tool bit, and the chuck is replaceable without employing another tool. A conically shaped shaft section on a rotary spindle fits into a conically shaped bore in a socket section of a part of the chuck. The shaft s ...

Patrick J Radle, Jeffrey M Zeiler, Daryl S Richards: Power tool with vibration isolated handle. Milwaukee Electric Tool, Michael Best & Friedrich, December 16, 1997: US05697456 (70 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a power tool including a tool body and a handle mounted on the tool body at an upper vibration isolation joint and a lower pivot joint. The lower joint permits pivotal movement of the handle relative to the tool body while giving an operator lateral stability and torsional con ...

Walter Weilenmann, Nikolaus Frick, Peter Hirt: Hammer drill or chipping hammer. Hilti Aktiengesellschaft, Toren McGeady and Stanger, October 23, 1984: US04478293 (67 worldwide citation)

A hammer drill or chipping hammer includes a housing, a striking mechanism movably displaceably mounted within the housing, and a handle spring supported on the housing. To absorb vibrations generated during operation of the drill or hammer, piston-like weighted members are slidably mounted in the h ...