James Doherty
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For use in a combustion-powered, fastener-driving tool having a combustion chamber, a source of a combustible fuel, and a switch that must be closed to enable the tool, a fuel system comprises a fuel injector, which includes a normally closed, solenoid-energized valve between the fuel source and the ...

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In apparatus including a distal surgical fastener applying assembly operatively connected to a proximal actuator assembly by a longitudinal shaft assembly, the shaft assembly includes an articulation for allowing the fastener applying assembly to be placed in any of a wide range of rotational orient ...

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A surgical stapler powered by a relatively low pressure gas supply contained in the stapler. The stapler has a mechanical linkage between the pneumatic actuator and the staple driver with a differential mechanical advantage to match the substantially constant force provided by the pneumatic actuator ...

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A surgical instrument for being endoscopically or laparoscopically inserted into a surgical site for simultaneous stapling and severing of tissue includes force adjusted spacing between an upper jaw (anvil) and a lower jaw (staple cartridge engaged to an elongate staple channel) so that the height o ...

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Apparatus for applying an array of surgical fasteners. The apparatus includes a work transmitting member removably interposable between the member which supplies the fastener applying work and a subset of the fasteners in the array so that the subset can be applied or not applied at the option of th ...

William D Fox: Energy storage means for a surgical stapler. Ethicon, Paul A Coletti, September 26, 1989: US04869415 (536 worldwide citation)

An initiating device which imparts stored potential energy to the driver and cutter in an internal organ stapler. Also disclosed is an overriding device which prevent the use of such a device until the proper clamping of the jaws of the stapler with each other.

Shelton Iv Frederick E: Staple cartridges for forming staples having differing formed staple heights. Ethicon Endo Surgery, March 7, 2007: EP1759812-A1 (413 worldwide citation)

A staple cartridge (300) for use with a stapling device (10) that has an actuator (12) that is selectively actuatable in an axial direction and an anvil portion (18) that is selectively movable between open and closed positions is disclosed. Various embodiments of the present invention include a car ...

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Surgical stapler apparatus for forming an array of surgical staples in body tissue includes an anvil member against which the staples are crimped and a staple holder pivotally mounted adjacent one end of the anvil member so that the staple holder tends to displace with any displacement of the anvil ...

David T Green: Purse string applicator. U S Surgical Corporation, Kenyon & Kenyon, September 27, 1988: US04773420 (348 worldwide citation)

The purse string applicator has a pair of tissue engaging arms which can be extended from the applicator to grasp apertured tissue and to subsequently flatten and move the engaged tissue over an anvil carrier. The arms are mounted on a tube which can be slid through a handle by means of a tissue kno ...

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A surgical stapler is provided that maintains the jaws of the stapler in an open position and prevents firing of staples when a cartridge is not loaded in one of the jaws. Distinct positioning and sequencing of the jaws, capture pin and firing of the staples are provided by a latch mechanism. Such l ...