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A retaining apparatus for retaining a semiconductor wafer on the surface of a chuck. The retaining apparatus includes elongate shafts each positioned adjacent to a perimeter of the surface of the chuck and so that a lengthwise axis of each shaft is substantially perpendicular to the surface of the c ...

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The torque imposed on premium thread connections between tubular goods is monitored and plotted as a function of time rather than the number of turns. In this manner, the torque at which "shoulder", either by metal-to-metal sealing contact or otherwise, is achieved during make-up of the premium conn ...

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A high-torque fastener having a threaded shaft and a star-shaped head is disclosed. The high-torque fastener is made of a resorbable or other non-magnetic material. A mating driver snugly fits around the star-shaped head of the fastener, to thereby apply torque to the perimeter of the star-shaped he ...

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A pair of stoppers (47) capable of moving back and forth in an axial direction of a spindle (5) are provided on an outer periphery of a tubular portion (9a) for supporting the spindle (5). As a pair of projections (49) provided on a first change ring (32) are moved in conjunction with the rotation o ...

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A bicycle pedal crank dismantling device includes a locating member which comprises an inner thread through the length, an outer thread on one end for threading into the axle mounting hole of the crank to be dismantled, and a hexagon head on an opposite end; a driving rod which comprises a screw rod ...

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ATE is mounted directly to a support surrounding and removably receiving probe cards of differing thickness. An electrically heated chuck having a variable heat transfer coefficient heat exchanging face confronting a liquid nitrogen supplied plenum exhibits a temperature that varies with electrical ...

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An electrically powered hand tool is disclosed. The tool includes a motor, a power source, a work element and a controller. Various alternative features, embodiments and operative configurations are disclosed.