Rizwan Ullah: Tool drive system. Stoneman Law Offices, Martin L Stoneman, Benjamin K Erlick, August 2, 2005: US06923093 (116 worldwide citation)

A tool drive system for transferring rotational power from a rotational tool, such as a drill or ratchet, to at least one input drive shaft which then transfers the power to at least one output drive shaft. The angle of at least one input drive shaft being adjustable relative to at least one output ...

David Buck: Back-up power tongs. Robert C Tucker, William David Kiesel, J Bradley Overton, March 17, 1987: US04649777 (116 worldwide citation)

Back-up power tongs are provided, for holding a tubular member, such as a drill pipe, against rotation of a connected tubular member, the back-up tongs comprising a body, having a center opening of sufficient size for the tubular member to pass therethrough, a slot communicating between the edge of ...

William M Biesemeyer: Table saw fence system. Cahill Sutton & Thomas, June 10, 1980: US04206910 (116 worldwide citation)

A longitudinally extending support is secured to the table of a table saw to which a guide rail is secured. A saw fence, having a shoe secured thereto, includes a clamping arm extending therefrom. The shoe slidably engages the guide rail and may be clamped together with the fence to the guide rail. ...

John Kennedy: Portable led photocuring device. David W Wong, May 30, 1995: US05420768 (114 worldwide citation)

The portable photocuring device has a light emission diodes matrix which can be energized with battery power to provide optical power for photocuring curing purposes. The diodes can be easily controlled and adjusted to emit light of selected colors and intensity with complex instrumentation.

Hans Grundei: Forceps for pushing apart vertebrae. S G Implants, Balogh Osann Kramer Dvorak Genova & Traub, February 6, 1990: US04898161 (114 worldwide citation)

Forceps for pushing apart adjacent vertebrae that has two parallel pins connected or connectible to a pair of jaws, one pin being displaceable towards and away from the other pin by the moving of a guide when the jaws are being spread apart, the guide ensuring that the pins remain parallel to one an ...

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The present invention is a combination tool that includes a pair of retractable jaws capable of being moved into an exposed operating position by inertial force using a single hand. The tool includes a single compact unit with, on one end of the handles, pivoted jaws sliding into and out of the hand ...

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A universal holding fixture for holding a workpiece having a contoured holding surface. The fixture includes a plurality of workpiece engaging rods which are individually adjustable in height to thereby reproduce the contour of the contoured holding surface. A holding force is generated through the ...

William J Barz, Michael J Czaplicki: Structural reinforcements. L & L Products, Dykema Gossett PLLC, October 17, 2000: US06131897 (110 worldwide citation)

A composite structural reinforcement has a keyed reinforcement member in which a thermally expandable resin strip is mechanically retained. The mechanical interlock permits the resin to be secured to the member without heat or an adhesive.

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A vacuum chuck is disclosed which has nipples as support structure and for vacuum delivery. In the preferred embodiment, two types of nipples are used: “plain” nipples which provide only support and vacuum nipples which provide support and deliver vacuum to retain the wafer on the chuck. The contact ...

James Peter Amis: High-torque resorbable screws. MacroPore, Stout Uxa Buyan and Mullins, August 7, 2001: US06269716 (107 worldwide citation)

A high-torque fastener having a threaded shaft and a star-shaped head is disclosed. The high-torque fastener is made of a resorbable or other non-magnetic material. A mating driver snugly fits around the star-shaped head of the fastener, to thereby apply torque to the perimeter of the star-shaped he ...