Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Bruno Richet, Fred Charles Thomas, Arthur Sandoval, Daniel Francis Kennedy: Hard-disk Drive Insertion. July 21, 2011: US20110173805-A1

A hard-disk drive insertion mechanism includes carrier mechanism that moves longitudinally with the hard-disk drive as it is being inserted toward said electrical connector. The carrier mechanism includes engagement features for engaging the hard-disk drive as it is being inserted. The insertion mec ...


Lee R Bolduc, Christopher F Heck: Surgical stapling instrument. Heartport, Jeffry J Grainger, Jens E Hoekendijk, Michael J Lynch, March 31, 1998: US05732872 (688 worldwide citation)

A stapler for stapling a tubular structure to another structure. The stapler has an anvil which is expandable from a collapsed position to an expanded position. The stapler has a recess which receives at least a portion of the tubular structure and a shoulder which receives an everted end of the tub ...

Vasconcelos Golson S, Santangelo John A: Multi-position latching mechanism for forceps.. Codman & Shurtleff, October 17, 1990: EP0392547-A1 (439 worldwide citation)

A latching mechanism for forceps (10) including first latch portion (30) on one forcep handle (16) and a second latch portion (60) on the other forceps handle (22) and a bias spring (23,80,82) for placing the handles (16,22), and thus the jaws (14,20), in a first predetermined spacing. The first lat ...

Jose M O Vich: Apparatus for bone graft. Flynn Thiel Boutell & Tanis, October 31, 1989: US04877020 (439 worldwide citation)

An instrument for inserting a bone graft, wherein the bone graft is of a substantially cylindrical configuration and is extremely threaded. The graft is clampingly held at one end of an elongated instrument which securely holds the graft and permits it to be threadably inserted into a previously pre ...

John Kennedy, Roy Kayser: Portable light emitting apparatus with a semiconductor emitter array. Bereskin & Parr, June 3, 1997: US05634711 (436 worldwide citation)

A hand-held portable light emitting device is suitable for medical and industrial photocuring and phototherapy applications. The hand-held portable light emitting device has: (a) a portable housing having a front end and a rear end; (b) a semiconducting light emitter having a matrix of a plurality o ...

Desplats Andre: Declutching mechanism for a hauling apparatus through which runs a cable.. Tractel, January 19, 1983: EP0070230-A1 (395 worldwide citation)

Le levier de débrayage 7 est monté pour coulisser longitudinalement par actionnement de la poignée 8 en déplaçant l'axe intermédiaire 5 porté par le levier de déhalage 2. Un verrou pivotant 9, monté dans une extrémité élargie d'une fente oblongue longitudinale 11 du levier 7, interdit le mouvement d ...

Bosshard Mark Richard, Robinson David Bryan: A surgical instrument. Gyrus Medical, Gyrus Medical, Bosshard Mark Richard, Robinson David Bryan, PRATT David Martin, November 30, 2006: WO/2006/125940 (340 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument includes a jaw assembly (2) comprising first and second jaw members (3 and 4) pivotally connected one to the other so as to be movable between respective open and closed positions. First and second handle members (8 and 12) are connected to the first and second jaw members (3 a ...

Gilbert Richard S: Orthopedic screw driving means. September 14, 1971: US3604487 (304 worldwide citation)

A combination of an orthopedic screw and driving means which enables the screw to be started and driven in a single continuous operation with one hand. The screwhead has multiple slots, and the driving means has multiple pinching blades for engaging the slots to provide a rigid grip of the screw.

Osamu Izumisawa: Ratchet wrench with pivotable head. Shinano Pneumatic, Senniger Powers Leavitt & Roedel, July 28, 1998: US05784934 (296 worldwide citation)

A power ratchet wrench including a handle for gripping and holding the wrench and a head having a ratchet mechanism including a drive shaft capable of powered rotation about its axis. The head and handle have openings generally in registration with each other. A pin is received through the openings, ...