Fred Thomas
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An apparatus for etching optical servo tracks on a magnetic storage disk (11) comprises optics for generating a beam of light for etching the servo tracks and a spindle (15) for rotating the disk (11) in proximity to the optics. The device further comprises a center pin (16) at the center of rotatio ...

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An improved expandable stent for implantation in a body lumen, such as an artery, and an improved method for making it from a single length of tubing. The stent consists of a plurality of radially expandable cut cylindrical elements generally aligned on a common axis and interconnected by one or mor ...

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A method of manufacturing a gas-permeable membrane for an amperometric gas electrode comprising demetallizing areas of a metallized film to obtain a regular array of gas-permeable micropores.

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Method and apparatus for forming articles from materials in particulate form in which the materials are melted by a laser beam and deposited at points along a tool path to form an article of the desired shape and dimensions. Preferably the tool path and other parameters of the deposition process are ...


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