Craig Allen
Jaime E Garcia, Craig Allen Carroll: Optical alignment system for power tool. Black & Decker, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham, August 30, 2005: US06937336 (18 worldwide citation)

A power tool having a work surface and a spindle attached to the power tool and defining an axis of operation of the power tool. In one embodiment, the power tool may include a bracket above the work surface. The bracket may include first and second bracket receptacles and first second holders movab ...

Zhengxing Sun
Sun Fei, Zhang Zhengxing: U-turn boring method of slotted hole of horizontal boring machine. Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, Dou Jiupeng, January 13, 2010: CN200910013155

The invention relates to a U-turn boring method of slotted hole of horizontal boring machine, comprising the following steps: 1) clamping slotted hole workpieces on a horizontal boring machine workbench; 2) roughly boring a whole inner bore; 3) processing an under-cut hole; 4) precisely boring an in ...

Wentorf Jr Robert H, Rocco William A: Diamond tools for machining. General Electric Company, July 17, 1973: US3745623 (438 worldwide citation)

Diamond tools and superpressure processes for the preparation thereof are described wherein the diamond content is present either in the form of a mass comprising diamond crystals bonded to each other or of a thin skin of diamond crystals bonded to each other. In each instance the diamond content is ...

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An electrically powered hand tool is disclosed. The tool includes a motor, a power source, a work element and a controller. Various alternative features, embodiments and operative configurations are disclosed.

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A battery-powered hand-guided power tool is provided, such as a hammer, includes a tool housing

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The present invention includes biocompatible coatings and films for use on implantable medical devices and medical devices containing such coatings and films applied to a surface thereof, which coatings/films are present on the device in an amount effective to provide an inert surface to be in conta ...

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A nanocomposite structure comprising a nanostructured filler or carrier intimately mixed with a matrix, and methods of making such a structure. The nanostructured filler has a domain size sufficiently small to alter an electrical, magnetic, optical, electrochemical, chemical, thermal, biomedical, or ...

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A polycrystalline diamond body with a plurality of faces having enhanced surface irregularities over at least a portion of at least one of the faces is disclosed. The polycrystalline diamond body with the enhanced surface irregularities attaches to other materials such as metal by conventional mount ...

Dale Davison: Adjustable drill gauge. Boehringer Mannheim Corporation, Barnes & Thornburg, December 1, 1987: US04710075 (199 worldwide citation)

A drill stop apparatus for use with an elongated drill bit is provided. The drill bit has a drilling end that is used to drill a hole of a specified, predetermined depth. The bit also has a plurality of circumferentially extending, axially spaced grooves formed on its outer surface. The drill stop i ...

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Handle adapter and chuck apparatus for a power bit includes a quick release chuck having a spindle with a longitudinally extending bore in the spindle adapted to receive the shank of the power bit. A radially extending bore extends through the spindle and communicates with the bore. A ball is dispos ...