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The invention is directed to improved carbon containing refractory compositions and sintered bodies made therefrom which are particularly resistant to slag and metal erosion and to thermal shock. This is achieved by combining grains or powders of SiAION and/or silicon nitride with elemental carbon i ...

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1. Use of cement-free vibratable compositions based on aluminium oxide and/or zirconium dioxide, optionally also with the use of up to 10 wt.% chromium oxide (Cr2 O3 ), silicon carbide (SiC) and/or carbon carriers, and with a content of 2 to 8 wt.%, with respect to the other solid components, of amo ...


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Al titanate ceramic (I) with little tendency to decompose at 1100-1300 deg.C, which contains Al, Ti, Fe, Mg and Si in oxide form, has the chemical compsn. 40-60 (wt.)% Al2O3, 35-45% TiO2, 0.5-1.0% MgO, 2.5-3.0% SiO2, 0.1-1.5% Fe2O3 and 0.1-2.5% La2O3, the sum of MgO + Fe2O3 being max. 1.5%.

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The new refractory contg. aluminium nitride oxide comprises aluminium nitride oxide (I) (3 parts by weight or more), a carbon and/or a carbonaceous compound (II) (0.5-60 parts by weight), and other refractories (III) and/or binding agents (IV) (the remaining parts by weight). (I) is a solid solution ...



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An erosion resistant refractory mortar composition is described which is suitable for bonding a zirconia insert in an alumina graphite plate of a sliding gate valve. The refractory mortar is made from a mix consisting of, in weight percent, about 50%-85% zirconia; about 15%-50% alumina; up to 5% chr ...

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Disclosed are wearable carbon-containing refractory elements, such as wearable refractory parts of a slide valve for use in controlling flow of molten metal from a metallurgical vessel, which are impregnated with tar or other wear reducing agent. In order to prevent decarburization of the refractory ...

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The refractory composition of the invention is prepared from a mixture containing, by weight, from 70 to 81% of alumina, from 10 to 20% of zirconia-alumina comprising, by weight, from 20 to 40% of zirconia and from 60 to 80% of alumina, from 1 to 4% of silicon in divided form, from 2 to 7% of carbon ...