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A method for making an ornamental replica of a hand, including the steps of placing the hand to be reproduced onto a smooth surface, applying an elastic, impression-forming material over the hand and providing a support means for the impression-forming material to prevent any distortion thereof, all ...


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A rotary rock bit bearing is produced by filling a groove in the bearing pin of the bit with a hardfacing material. A crucible is positioned around the bearing pin. Hardfacing material is positioned in the crucible. A heating means for heating said crucible is positioned around the crucible and ener ...

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Die cast sputter targets, and methods and devices that facilitate formation of die cast sputter targets. Materials to be used in casting a sputter target are melted in a crucible (200), poured into a die (100), and allowed to cool to form the sputter target. The die utilizes heated sidewalls (140) a ...



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Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a system, machine, device, manufacture, circuit, and/or composition of matter adapted for and/or resulting from, and/or a method for activities that can comprise and/or relate to, a first form comprising: a plurality of surface artifacts that substantially s ...

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A prosthetic part for use as an orthopaedic implant has a cast metal base member 20 min and a tissue ingrowth surface spaced outwardly therefrom. The tissue ingrowth surface is in the form of a cast metal lattice element 10 min which covers at least a part of the outer surface of the base member 20 ...

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The apparatus includes an upper die, a replaceable first core member fixed to the cavity of the upper die by a screw, a titanium face plate for golf club head attached to the first core member and having notches and cuts for binding of molten alloy, a bottom die, and a second core member fixed to th ...

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A device for producing castings, particularly camshafts 1 made of chilled cast iron, makes use of at least one densener or cooling unit 8 embedded in a casting mould and regionally enclosing a mould cavity for effecting accelerated surface cooling of the casting material. So that an optimum chilling ...