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A metallic golf club head formed with a one-piece thin-walled forward body including a ball striking face, a perimeter wall having a uniform rearward depth and a hosel, and a rear cover that encloses the perimeter wall.

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An improved high impact metal clubhead with a unique reinforced composite face wall, increased radius of gyration, and a positive lift air foil surface contour. The composite face wall includes an impact supporting wall rigidified by a pattern of integrally cast reinforcing bars that extend forwardl ...

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A golf club head includes a hitting face plate and a club neck which are integrally formed from copper. The hitting face plate has a rear face integrally formed with a plurality of insert posts projecting rearward therefrom. Each of the posts has an inner end integrally formed with the hitting face ...

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A method is disclosed for producing a reinforced composite material. A molten matrix metal is heated to a temperature substantially greater than the melting point of the matrix metal. The matrix metal is poured into a mold containing a mass of reinforcing material. The matrix metal is solidified.

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A rotary drill bit for drilling wells in earth formations is produced by a casting technique using a plastic foam, combustible casting form. The bit includes a tapered drill body having a plurality of passageways therein which form jets for introducing liquid between the earth and a plurality of sel ...


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Metal-ceramic structures are made by casting molten metal around ceramic cores having specific physical properties. Most important of these properties is that the surface of the core which forms part of the metal-ceramic interface must have a porosity of between 20 and 80 percent and the porosity cr ...

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A method of manufacturing herringbone gears using an injection molding process is provided. The process involves the use of two separable mold halves each of which include a mold cavity for molding one half of the gear. Moldable material is injected into the mold halves when they are in a sealing ab ...

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A method of casting a hollow golf club head includes casting the crown with a plurality of thin regions having a thickness of less than 0.030 inch separated by a plurality of ribs. The ribs act as cast-in runners that enable the thin sections to be formed without voids despite the extremely thin cro ...

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Self-supporting bodies are produced by reactive infiltration of a > typically resulting in a composite comprising a parent metal boride and metal. The mass to be infiltrated may contain one or more inert fillers admixed with the boron source to produce a composite by reactive infiltration, which com ...