Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
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Compositions useful in the manufacture of compound semiconductors are provided. Methods of manufacturing compound semiconductors using these compositions are also provided.

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Novel metal alloy compositions which are obtained in the amorphous state and are superior to such previously known alloys based on the same metals are provided; these new compositions are easily quenched to the amorphous state and possess desirable physical properties. Also disclosed is a novel arti ...

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The present invention relates to a high-temperature part (1) made of a nickel super-alloy having the following composition in wt %: 11-13 % of Cr; 3-5 % of W; 0.5-2.5 % of Mo; 3-5 % of Al; 3-5 % of Ti; 3-7 % of Ta; 1-5 % of Re; the balance consisting of nickel. This invention also relates to a corre ...

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A metallic golf club head formed with a one-piece thin-walled forward body including a ball striking face, a perimeter wall having a uniform rearward depth and a hosel, and a rear cover that encloses the perimeter wall.

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A method is disclosed for the manufacture of a drill bit having a hollow tubular body, or drill bit components, with an exterior tungsten carbide coated surface, and with cutting elements positioned in the cutting surfaces thereof. The drill bit body, or a bit component, such as a cutting blade, is ...

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A method of fabricating a needle via conformal deposition in a two-piece mold includes the step of attaching a top mold member to a bottom mold member such that the top mold member and the bottom mold member define an enclosed, elongated needle trench with a deposition aperture. A conformal substanc ...

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Continuous metal strips are formed by forcing molten metal onto the surface of a moving chill body under pressure through a slotted nozzle located in close proximity to the surface of the chill body. Critical selection of nozzle dimensions, velocity of movement of the chill body surface, and gap bet ...

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An improved high impact metal clubhead with a unique reinforced composite face wall, increased radius of gyration, and a positive lift air foil surface contour. The composite face wall includes an impact supporting wall rigidified by a pattern of integrally cast reinforcing bars that extend forwardl ...

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A golf club head includes a hitting face plate and a club neck which are integrally formed from copper. The hitting face plate has a rear face integrally formed with a plurality of insert posts projecting rearward therefrom. Each of the posts has an inner end integrally formed with the hitting face ...

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A process and apparatus for the continuous production of shaped aluminum alloy-particulate composites. The process comprises metering at a substantially constant ratio a particulate solid molten aluminum alloy containing at least 0.10% by weight of magnesium into a mixing station while continuously ...