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A metallic golf club head formed with a one-piece thin-walled forward body including a ball striking face, a perimeter wall having a uniform rearward depth and a hosel, and a rear cover that encloses the perimeter wall.

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A golf club head and method of manufacture in which the golf club head comprises a body having a striking face, side walls, a neck portion and a heel and toe portion formed as an integral unit, said golf club body being attached to a top plate by screwing, gluing or welding wherein the top plate can ...

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A method is disclosed for producing a hollow airfoil, specifically, a blade or vane for a gas turbine engine, which is formed with a complex interior for cooling purposes. Broadly, the method comprises the steps of molding a green ceramic core having outer surfaces generally contoured to produce the ...

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A method of casting a hollow golf club head includes casting the crown with a plurality of thin regions having a thickness of less than 0.030 inch separated by a plurality of ribs. The ribs act as cast-in runners that enable the thin sections to be formed without voids despite the extremely thin cro ...

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Disclosed is a single-cast, thin wall structure capable of withstanding impinging gases at temperatures of 4300.degree. F. and higher, and method of making the same. Using a bleed line of the instant invention allows for a decreasing metal pressure with respect to time which prevents any damage to t ...

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A water dispersible mould for making a casting, the mould comprising a water-insoluble particulate material-and a binder therefor, the binder including polyphosphate chains and/or borate ions. The invention also provides a process for making a water dispersible mould for making a casting, the proces ...

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