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A metallic golf club head formed with a one-piece thin-walled forward body including a ball striking face, a perimeter wall having a uniform rearward depth and a hosel, and a rear cover that encloses the perimeter wall.

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An improved proppant and a method of increasing the conductivity of the fractures of subterranean formations is described. The proppant contains a mixture of bondable particles and removable particles. The bondable particles within a subterranean formation, adhere to adjacent bondable particles to f ...

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A method and apparatus is described for making a custom fixation device. The apparatus comprises a means for scanning a treatment site and for producing image data representative of the treatment site. A means for generating a set of vectors is included for defining a set of points, the set of vecto ...

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A golf club head and method of manufacture in which the golf club head comprises a body having a striking face, side walls, a neck portion and a heel and toe portion formed as an integral unit, said golf club body being attached to a top plate by screwing, gluing or welding wherein the top plate can ...

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A method is disclosed for producing a hollow airfoil, specifically, a blade or vane for a gas turbine engine, which is formed with a complex interior for cooling purposes. Broadly, the method comprises the steps of molding a green ceramic core having outer surfaces generally contoured to produce the ...

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The geometry of the cast part is provided as a digital pattern and an inverse pattern for the lost casting mold including any core is generated from the digital pattern. A layer of a particulate molding material is provided. The molding material is made of a first material and a second material. The ...