Buckley James E, Barthold Mitchell E, Heist Marshall, Jessup James L: Cold forming apparatus.. Ex Cell O, January 9, 1980: EP0006137-A1 (81 worldwide citation)

A cold forming apparatus adapted to form simultaneously a plurality of either external or internal straight spline or gear type teeth on a cylindrical workpiece (20) carried on a movable ram (92). In one embodiment the apparatus includes a plurality of radially disposed pivotally mounted teeth formi ...

Thomas E Nussbaum Pogacnik: Method and apparatus for the manufacture of threaded aluminum containers. E Nussbaum, Walter C Farley, March 15, 1994: US05293765 (57 worldwide citation)

Deep drawn, deep drawn and stretched, or extruded cylindrical aluminium containers are varnished internally and externally, provided with a twostage neck by drawing in and onto the neck is rolled a thread, followed by cutting to length. The drawing-in of the neck, thread rolling and cutting to size ...

Kevin E Smith, Kurtis J Hoffman: End finisher machine. Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing, Emch Schaffer Schaub & Porcello, November 21, 1995: US05467627 (42 worldwide citation)

An end finisher machine is disclosed. A longitudinal base mounts a stabilizer block which in turn mounts a high speed shaft or spindle, the spindle extends through a head having a camming surface and mounts a tooling assembly at its distal end. A motor drives the spindle at high speeds. A workpiece ...

John W Haswell, Stanley A Haswell: Means for making double groove pulleys. McNenny Farrington Pearne & Gordon, May 4, 1976: US03953995 (38 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is provided for forming a pulley having at least two grooves from a cup-shaped blank having an axially extending sidewall. The blank is crushed between axially closing dies and as the blank is being crushed, at least two rolls are translated radially into contact with the outer surface ...

Nussbaum Pogacnik Thomas Eugen: Method of and device for manufacture of threaded cans made of aluminium.. Nussbaum E, October 28, 1992: EP0510291-A1 (35 worldwide citation)

Deep-drawn, deep-drawn and stretched or extruded, cylindrical aluminium cans are coated inside and outside, provided with a two-stage neck (10, 20) by drawing-in, onto which neck a thread (30) is rolled, and then cut to length, the drawing-in of the neck, the thread-rolling and the cutting-to-length ...

Eiichi Tachibana, Koushou Murayama, Kenzo Isumi: Method of mounting a removable printing sleeve on a core utilizing a hot melt adhesive. Dai Nippon Insatsu Kabushiki Kaisha, Koda and Androlia, July 24, 1984: US04461663 (35 worldwide citation)

A gravure printing cylinder is formed by fitting a printing sleeve over a core roll via a layer of a hotmelt adhesive. A gravure printing surface with ink-retaining cells is formed on the printing sleeve either before or, preferably, after the mounting of the sleeve on the core roll. For assemblage ...

Melvin D Pinkston, Wayne W Easley: Method of making compressible printing roller. Dayco Corporation, Joseph V Tassone, April 5, 1983: US04378622 (35 worldwide citation)

A compressible printing roller and method of making the same are provided wherein such roller comprises a central support, a tubular inner layer carried by the support and made of a microporous rubber material having cavities interconnected by passages, and a tubular outer layer disposed around the ...

Arthur G Metcalfe, Fred K Rose: Isothermal metal forming apparatus. International Harvester Company, Strauch Nolan Neale Nies & Kurz, November 2, 1976: US03988913 (32 worldwide citation)

Metal forming methods in which a workpiece is heated and subjected to pressure, causing the metal to become plastic and flow into a selected configuration. Apparatus in which the method can be carried out and tooling for use in the methods and apparatus.

William J Chmura, Ronald S Slusarski, Charles B Burk: Method for the controlled mechanical working of sintered porous powder metal shapes to effect surface and subsurface densification. Textron, Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein and Lieberman, November 29, 1977: US04059879 (31 worldwide citation)

A method is provided for partially densifying a selected surface portion of a sintered porous powder metal element while applying restraining pressure to other selected portions of said element in order to inhibit growth and cracking of said element during the partial cold deformation thereof. The m ...

Thomson John B: Linear motion ball bearing assembly and ball conforming shaft. Thomson, Morgan Finnegan Pine Foley & Lee, August 19, 1975: US3900233 (31 worldwide citation)

A linear motion ball bearing assembly and shaft having ball conforming portions are combined to support heavier-than-normal loads and provide torque resistance. The bearing shaft is provided with one or more ball conforming grooves. The bearing assembly is provided with one or more load-bearing surf ...

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