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A method of manufacturing staples including the steps of placing a deformable member into a mold block and overmolding a crown onto the deformable member. In various embodiments, several deformable members may be produced from an elongate wire where the deformable members can be connected by portion ...

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A method for making a wire package for use as staples or brads is recited as forming a plurality of round wires, forming a plurality of flattened bonding sides on each wire to prepare even bonding surfaces on each wire and bonding each wire to an adjacent wire by adhering the surfaces of each wire. ...

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A clinch type staple has a U-shaped configuration with a pair of legs extending generally perpendicularly from a base portion of the staple with the outside surfaces of the distal ends of the legs being bevelled. The legs of the staple lie in spaced apart planes that are parallel to one another, but ...

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A medical staple forming die and pusher punch for use in a staple forming machine. The bend radius of the staple is formed either by the form punch pushing the wire past a set of rollers, or by movable forming dies in conjunction with a tapered or contoured pusher punch. Since the wire is not scrapp ...

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A metal tube is butted against a metal rod. The rod and tube are welded together using a laser energy source. A filament is inserted into the tube and secured therein. The rod may then be sharpened to serve as a needle.

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A large number of needle patterns are integrally associated with each other on an extended U-shaped metal plate. After that, a pointed end of individual needle patterns is formed, and a series of individual needle patterns are divided into a plurality of segmented needle bodies. Then, a suture is in ...



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A progressive die process for making medical needles attached to a carrier strip, as well as the product of the process. The process includes steps of forming a flat blank in unitary attachment with a carrier strip and coining edges of the tip of each flat blank, arcuately shaping the blank, and clo ...

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A blade punch for forming teeth in a connector plate, the blade punch comprising an elongated blade having a metal working tip at one end and a shank at the other end. The blade has an elongated cross-section defined by opposing parallel spaced planar side walls and opposing ends. Each end comprises ...