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A device for fabricating a composite article having a plurality of material dispensers to increase productivity. The device includes a structure defining a work surface datum, the plurality of material dispensers which are movable relative to the structure, where each of the material dispensers appl ...

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A crush and abrasion resistant, sealed, impervious, flexible protective jacket assembly for oil and gas wells containing a plurality of electrical and/or fluid conductors that are oriented in linear, spaced, parallel relation. A pair of elongated protective metal sheets define elongated conductor gr ...

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A method of securing together, as by staking, superimposed strips or sheets of rigid yet deformable material, such as mild steel, having generally planar surfaces. The method includes positioning the superimposed sheets between a driven punch and the working face of a stationary anvil upon sheet-sup ...

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A vehicle assembling method includes the steps of assembling a lower body shell a including underbody portion having a front floor and front body portion, assembling an upper body shell, including a roof member and right and left body side panels, and assembling the upper body shell and the lower bo ...

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An assembly of two layers of metallic material conjoined in a single machine operation extruding a closed end (blind hole) rivet in one layer simultaneously with an engaging socket in the second layer is disclosed. The extruded rivet is substantially in the form of a cup with a flanged bottom seated ...

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A facility for manufacturing a variety of products laid out on a rectangular floor. The facility includes an entry warehouse located along one side of the floor and a product warehouse arranged so as to form an L-shaped layout with the entry warehouse. Parts assembly lines and dedicated product asse ...

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A titanium face plate is perforated by laser drilling holes therethrough. A cellular core is positioned between a sound reflecting solid back plate and the face plate.

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A carrier for supplying to an automatic assembling machine at least one chassis and several parts to be assembled on each chassis includes a first portion for receiving each chassis and a second portion associated with the first portion for storing the parts to be assembled on the chassis. According ...

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A minimum Z height handheld electronic device and methods of assembly is described. The electronic device includes a single seamless housing having a front opening and a cover disposed within the front opening and attached to the seamless housing without a bezel.