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A multiple pattern spray nozzle is provided for connection to a supply of water under pressure, wherein the spray nozzle is adjustable upon movement of a single selector ring to one of several different spray pattern settings. The spray nozzle comprises a nozzle housing for mounting, for example, on ...

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An spray gun extension used in the application of liquids such as paints and other coatings, cleaning solutions, solvents, blasting agents, solvents, sealants, lubricants and pesticides in high volume low pressure spraying. The extension allow the application of such liquids to areas above, below, a ...

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A portable plant spraying/watering device includes a reservoir holding liquid to be dispensed, a hand-held dispensing device, and structure for delivering the liquid to the dispensing device. The dispensing device includes a housing, first and second variable flow valves fluidly connected to the liq ...

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A multi-nozzle showerhead has a showerhead housing, a rectangular tube, multiple nozzles and a connector. The showerhead housing has a nozzle recess for each nozzle. Each of the nozzles has a diffuser, a radial impeller, a circular impeller, a diffuser housing, a selection valve, seals and a fastene ...

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A vacuum gun for a suction device consists of a piston housing (

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A hand-held water nozzle includes a handle and a nozzle head fastened to a head mount which is rotatably fastened to a seat in conjunction with a slide block. The seat is fastened fixedly to the handle. The head mount is provided with a toothed portion. The slide block is provided with a toothed por ...

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An improved spray gun having an aluminum gun body and a sprayhead made of a plastics material, preferably of polybutylene terephthalate. The sprayhead is permanently secured to the spray gun body, preferably with a swaged ring of stainless steel. The spray gun may be provided with a plastic handle w ...

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A dental water jet apparatus for adjusting a pressurized water stream from a pump to a tip moves pressurized water from a reservoir to a tip in fluid communication with the pump. A flow control knob may be turned to selectively adjust the water pressure supplied by the tip between a minimum and a ma ...

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An ergonomic hand held paint spray gun which reduces operator fatigue and stress. The handle of spray gun has an ergonomically designed shape and the size of the handle may be changed through the use of different size handle covers. The spray gun has a plurality of triggers arranged to be operated b ...

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A universal remote control mechanism for controlling a power spraying device comprises an electronic control contained within the nozzle housing of the sprayer. Membrane switches in the controller are actuated to cause radio wave signals to be generated and transmitted by an internal antenna. The ra ...