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An air purifier is provided for purifying air in rooms of a home, office, or other commercial establishment. Air is filtered by a mechanical filter, then odors are removed from the air, and the air is exposed to germicidal lamps for killing bacteria, then the air passes through a high efficiency ele ...

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An air purifier having an electrostatic filter and a charcoal filter for removing airborne impurities. The purifier has blower means for moving air therethrough and also includes air treating means in the form of an ozone generator or ultraviolet lamp. The charcoal filter has longitudinal openings w ...

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A filter, for purifying air at least in part by electrostatic collection of particulates contained therein, has at least one charged gas-permeable filter surface extending transversely to the gas stream and designed mechanically to retain the particles by interposing a surface in the path of the gas ...

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An air cleaner is provided comprising a filter assembly, an electrical power pack, and interconnecting high-voltage transmission means. The filter assembly is constructed of a filter unit having a prefilter and two layers of a dielectric filter media between which is sandwiched a positively charged ...

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An air purifying and deodorizing device for an automobile comprising a housing positioned on the rear window deck of the automobile and having air intake and air discharge openings. An electronic filtering device is mounted at the air intake opening for removing air-borne particles from the air bein ...

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An air purifier having an electrostatic precipitator for removing particles from the air, an ultraviolet light for treating the air, and an ozone removing filter positioned downstream from the precipitator. A filter including a metallic screen positioned upstream of the precipitator. The precipitato ...

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An electrostatic dust filter is provided utilizing a fabric filtering member. The dust particles are electrically charged and are deposited on the filter member in an electric field maintained at the surface of the filter, so that the dust particles deposit in a relatively porous layer having a low ...

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A filter arrangement that first imposes an electrostatic charge upon all particulate matter carried by a stream of gas to be filtered. A charge of similar polarity is placed upon the filtering means whereby the particulate matter having a like charge is repelled therefrom to permit only the dust-fre ...

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An apparatus for separating particulate matter from a gas stream wherein dirty gas is moved through an electrostatic precipitator to remove most of the particulate matter and then is moved through a filter of foraminous material while an electric field is applied to the filter whereby the remainder ...

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An anti-pollution device for insulation in factory smoke stacks. This device includes a charcoal filter through which the smoke is pulled by fan blades.The device also includes high voltage electrodes for producing an arc from point to point which is accomplished by a distributor.