Luciano Blois
Blois Luciano, Caponi Michele: A system and method for controlling the production of a quarry. Iride, Blois Luciano, Caponi Michele, MARIETTI Andrea, December 27, 2007: WO/2007/148179

The present invention relates to a system for the production control of aggregates (4) in a quarry, which comprises at least one crusher (3) for the calibrated crushing of aggregates, and means (5) for transporting the same. The present system is provided with at least one device (6) for the shape a ...

Allen F Podell: Magnetic safety interlock for a food processor utilizing vertically oriented, quadrant coded magnets. Cuisinarts, Parmelee Bollinger & Bramblett, December 16, 1986: US04629131 (172 worldwide citation)

An improved safety interlock for a food processor of the type including a control system for preventing actuation of a powerful motor drive, so that the food processing tool does not rotate, unless two conditions have been met; namely,

Joseph A Bruno, Brian D Doty, Evan Gustow, Kathleen J Illig, Nats Rajagopalan, Pramod Sarpotdar: Method of grinding pharmaceutical substances. Nano Systems L L C, Rudman & Balogh, May 21, 1996: US05518187 (150 worldwide citation)

A method of preparing particles of a drug substance or diagnostic imaging agent which comprises grinding the drug substance or imaging agent in the presence of grinding media comprising a polymeric resin. The method provides particles exhibiting reduced contamination.

Pohlman Reimar, Cichos Manfred: Apparatus for disintegrating concretions in body cavities of living organisms by means of an ultrasonic probe. Pohlman Reimar, July 16, 1974: US3823717 (146 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic probe for disintegrating concretions e.g. urinary calculus, in body cavities comprises a probe tube, ultrasonically vibrated in a longitudinal direction, having at one end a tubular impact element loosely coupled to it in the direction of vibration. The impact element is provided on it ...

Verdun Pierre: Apparatus for preparing food. Parmelee Johnson & Bollinger, July 1, 1975: US3892365 (112 worldwide citation)

This apparatus for preparing food comprises interchangeable tools adapted to be operatively connected to the rotary shaft of a driving motor disposed in casing underlying the working bowl. This bowl is detachably mounted on top of said casing and comprises on its outer peripheral wall a substantiall ...

Todd Henreckson, Carolyn Mueller, Jean Rabisse, Toheed I Bhatti, Greg Carrillo, Nicholas M Nanos: Desktop shredders. General Binding Corporation, Hill & Simpson, June 27, 2000: US06079645 (111 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides new paper shredding devices mountable on various horizontal and vertical surfaces. The paper shredder has a housing defining a paper inlet and a shredding knife in the housing positioned downstream of the paper inlet. A shredding knife controller is connected to the sh ...

Richard A Holl: Methods and apparatus for high-shear material treatment. July 23, 1996: US05538191 (109 worldwide citation)

High-shear treated materials are passed through a high-shear treatment zone which allows the coexistence of free supra-Kolmogoroff eddies larger than the smallest possible Kolmogoroff eddy diameter and forced sub-Kolmogoroff eddies smaller than this diameter. This zone includes a subsidiary higher-s ...

David A Czekai, Larry P Seaman: Method of grinding pharmaceutical substances. Nano Systems L L C, Foley & Lardner, January 26, 1999: US05862999 (108 worldwide citation)

A method of preparing submicron particles of a therapeutic or diagnostic agent which comprises grinding the agent in the presence of grinding media having a mean particle size of less than about 75 microns. In a preferred embodiment, the grinding media is a polymeric resin. The method provides extre ...

David A Czekai, Larry P Seaman: Continuous method of grinding pharmaceutical substances. Eastman Kodak, Arthur H Rosenstein, February 17, 1998: US05718388 (96 worldwide citation)

A continuous method of preparing submicron particles of a therapeutic or diagnostic agent comprises the steps of continuously introducing the agent and rigid grinding media into a milling chamber, contacting the agent with the grinding media while in the chamber to reduce the particle size of the ag ...

Schulz Helmuth, Bacher Helmut: Method and plant for comminuting and cleaning plastics waste materials, particularly plastics sheets.. Oesterr Schiffswerften, March 16, 1983: EP0074346-A2 (92 worldwide citation)

The method involves segregating dense-medium materials and washing water after a washing process, for which purpose the plant is provided with a washing apparatus (2) and a dense-medium material separator (3) with a washing water separating apparatus (4) arranged downstream of the latter. In order t ...

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