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A device for handling and washing beads. The device is attachable to a test tube rack and includes a frame, a containing slide, and a capture slide. By manipulating the slides in various combinations of positions the beads may be added to, removed from, or separately washed apart from test tubes in ...

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A portable holder assembly in combination with one or more gas detection tubes each of which contain chemical sorbent material. Each sorbent tube has a tapered neck at each opposite end with an opening adapted for drawing ambient gas through the sorbent material. The holder assembly comprises an ope ...

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A multi-well filtration apparatus is provided that has a housing, a multi-well filtration plate, and a pivotable member. The pivotable member secures the multi-well filtration plate to the housing and is associated with a resilient member. When the multi-well filtration plate is pressed against the ...

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A fluid dispenser including a syringe having a reciprocating syringe plunger for controlling syringe fluid intake and discharge and a traveling slide connected to the plunger for driving the plunger. The traveling slide is bearing mounted in sliding relationship on a fixed shaft and is driven therea ...

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A system for detecting the presence of a target biomolecule in a sample where there is a robotic arm to move a pipette adaptor to the desired reagent locations to facilitate the detection.

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The sample temperature protection rack is designed to provide a holding area for enzymes and other compound samples and, at the same time maintain a pre-determined temperature range that prevents rapid degradation of the sample. The apparatus consists of a compact sample tube rack that contains cool ...

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A titerplate for instrumental analysis of liquid samples consists of a plurality of wells in which the walls and bottoms are made of two different materials with different physical properties. This allows the interfacial tension at the surface of the liquid to be controlled in such a way that it is ...


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The invention concerns a thermostated block for laboratory thermostats and comprising wells at a wells side to receive and make large-area contact with the parts of vials filled with sample liquids and comprising at least two heat regulating devices contact the thermostated block in thermally conduc ...

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Apparatus for the accurate pipetting of small liquid volumes for sample and reagent mixtures which include a pipette with a point at least partly fitted in a thermo-regulated space in one single pipetting-incubating station in such a way that at least the liquid container of the pipette is in the th ...