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Each chamber (3) fixes analytical agents inside. Preferred Features: A narrowing of the chamber is sufficient for fixation, e.g. caused by internal prominences of the walls. One of the two or more openings is permeable to the agent. Another opening permits a plunger to displace it. Each chamber has ...

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A holder for bottles and vials of different sizes comprises a hollow cylindrical support with flexible ribs extending inward partially to a center axis. The ribs extend longitudinally and are spaced around the periphery of the hollow cylindrical support so that their inner edges are also spaced to f ...

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A storage rack for culture tubes or similar tubular articles is vacuum-formed from a plastic material, such as polypropylene and comprises two separably connected elements, one being a boxlike member with upstanding peripheral walls and a floor having a plurality of wells in which to receive the low ...

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An instrument for performing highly accurate PCR employing a sample block in microtiter tray format. The sample block has local balance and local symmetry. A three zone film heater controlled by a computer and ramp cooling solenoid valves also controlled by the computer for gating coolant flow throu ...

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A plurality of test tubes formed as an integral unit together with a member that is marked with indicia for reagents to be mixed in the tubes in performing tests to determine blood type groups. A testing rack is also disclosed for accommodating a plurality of test tube units and indicia members.

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The puck for a sample tube includes a housing, a spring device and an end cap. The spring device has an annular base portion and angularly spaced spring arms that extend upwardly from the base portion and then bend downwardly toward the base portion. The end cap includes a hub portion around which t ...

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A pair of rectangular sub-frames are joined together in spaced relationship forming a free standing central core module. The vertical members of each subframe include latch mechanisms extending along their length to support components in cantilevered fashion. The lower portion of the core is enclose ...

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An integral, thin wall thermoplastic chemical analysis tube module has a plurality of test tubular receptacles disposed normally to an elongated rectangular planar area and has a surrounding first wall frame segment of uniform height secured to and supportively disposed around a perimeter major segm ...

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Apparatus and method for systematic organization of samples. Flexible gangs of sample holders are used permitting organization in either a linear or a curved arrangement and transfer from one to the other arrangement without changing the juxtaposition and organization of individual samples. Identity ...

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The present technology provides for an apparatus for detecting polynucleotides in samples, particularly from biological samples. The technology more particularly relates to microfluidic systems that carry out PCR on nucleotides of interest within microfluidic channels, and detect those nucleotides. ...