Jean-luc Dubois
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A catalyst composition comprising at least an heteropolyacid deposited on a porous titania carrier. A catalyst composition comprising at least an heteropolyacid in which protons in the heteropolyacid may be partially exchanged by at least one cation selected from elements belonging to Group 1 to Gro ...

Gerhardt Horn, Carl D Frohning: Supported catalysts and a process for their preparation. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft, Jordan B Bierman, October 13, 1992: US05155084 (77 worldwide citation)

Supported catalysts containing nickel, magnesium oxide and, if desired, further additives, which contain reduced Mg and Ni in a molar ratio of (0.0075 to 0.075):1. The catalyst also have an active nickel metal surface area of 110 to 180 m.sup.2 /g of Ni, and a BET total surface area of 160 to 450 m. ...

Surface impregnated catalyst. Du Pont, January 23, 1980: GB1559540-A (71 worldwide citation)

A surface impregnated catalyst consisting essentially of a catalyst support, a palladium-gold alloy distributed in a surface layer of the catalyst support extending less than about 0.5 millimeter from the surface, and alkali metal acetate are provided. The catalyst has substantially higher specific ...

Pugh Stanley Frederick: Supports for catalyst materials. United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Larson Taylor and Hinds, November 18, 1975: US3920583 (70 worldwide citation)

A self supporting substrate support for a catalyst system is provided by a metal, preferably an aluminium bearing ferritic alloy. The metal carries an electrically insulating surface layer, such as alumina, compatible with catalytic material deposited thereon. The system is particularly suitable for ...

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High melt flow olefin polymers suitable for such applications as injection molding, and the like requiring a narrow molecular weight distribution are produced using a catalyst made by reducing and reoxidizing a chromium catalyst on either a titanium-silica cogel or a self-reduced silica-containing c ...


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Disclosed are a catalyst and a process for purifying exhaust gases. The catalyst includes a porous support, Pt and/or Pd loaded on the porous support, and at least two ingredients loaded thereon and capable of reacting with NOx and SO2 contained in the exhaust gases to form nitrates and composite su ...

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A catalyst is disclosed wherein a particulate catalyst support has cosputtered on its surface a mixture of a catalytically active metal such as Pt, Pd, Ag, Au, Re, Rh, Ru or Ir and a cosputtered support material which preferably is the same material as the catalyst support.

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Catalytic devices employing novel multiple-layer support coatings in combination with known base and noble metal catalysts are described. The devices are generally useful as supported catalyst systems and particularly suitable for use in the treatment of automotive exhaust and other waste gases. The ...

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A process for preparing a multimetal oxide catalyst is disclosed comprising: admixing metal compounds of which at least one is an oxygen containing compound, and at least one solvent to form a solution, removing the solvent from the solution by e.g. rotary evaporation to obtain a catalyst precursor ...