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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a catalyst capable of obtaining an alcohol group in high yield notwithstanding type of carboxylic acid, even if any type of carboxylic acid is used, and further to provide a method for manufacturing an alcohol group by direct hydrogenation using the catalyst.SOLUTION ...

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A surface impregnated catalyst consisting essentially of a catalyst support, a palladium-gold alloy distributed in a surface layer of the catalyst support extending less than about 0.5 millimeter from the surface, and alkali metal acetate are provided. The catalyst has substantially higher specific ...

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This disclosure concerns the demetalization and desulfurization of metal and sulfur containing petroleum oils, preferably those containing residua hydrocarbon components, through the use of a catalyst comprising a hydrogenating component composited on a refractory base, preferably an alumina, whose ...

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A catalyst is disclosed wherein a particulate catalyst support has cosputtered on its surface a mixture of a catalytically active metal such as Pt, Pd, Ag, Au, Re, Rh, Ru or Ir and a cosputtered support material which preferably is the same material as the catalyst support.

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A method for the hydrodeoxygenation of an oxygenate feedstock comprising contacting said feedstock with a sulphided catalyst composition under hydrodeoxygenation conditions, wherein said catalyst composition comprises: i) a porous carrier substantially comprised of alumina, said carrier comprising b ...

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Low-sulfur content hydrocarbon mixture and fuel oil blend below 0.2 or below 0.1 wt. % sulfur are obtained by hydrodesulfurizing vacuum gas oil under a hydrogen partial pressure of 300 - 800 psig. with a select high activity desulfurization catalyst. Further embodiments include the hydrodesulfurizat ...

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A porous catalyst support which may be used in a catalytic converter for treating automotive exhaust gases. The support comprises a substrate having a multichannel structure of generally thin walls and washcoat particles of colloidal particle size mainly or wholly within the pores of the walls so as ...

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The present invention relates to surface catalyzed ion transport membranes which demonstrate superior oxygen flux. The membranes comprise a dense multicomponent metallic oxide layer having a first surface and a second surface wherein the first surface is coated with a catalyst such as a metal or an ...

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Heavy oils containing sulfur and at least 80 parts per million metals are simultaneously demetallized and desulfurized by contacting the oil under hydrogenation conditions with a catalyst composition comprising a Group VI-B metal and at least one Group VIII metal composited with alumina, said cataly ...

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A hydrogenation catalyst for hydrocarbon oils containing aromatic hydrocarbons is provided. The catalyst has a silica-magnesia oxide carrier with a magnesia content within a range from 25 to 50 weight percent calculated in terms of the metal oxide, to which a noble metal selected from among the grou ...