Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois: Plate-type reactor with in-situ injection. ARKEMA FRANCE, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney P C, December 8, 2015: US09205403

A chemical reactor including: a plurality of heat exchange plates which between them define reaction compartments, in which reactor each heat exchange plate includes two walls between them defining at least one heat exchange space, the respective walls being fixed together by joining regions, and th ...

Hatch Robert A, Johnson James R: Intumescent sheet material. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Alexander Sell Steldt & DeLaHunt, October 28, 1975: US3916057 (161 worldwide citation)

An intumescent sheet material is provided containing vermiculite or other expandable mica. A process for mounting catalyst supports is described.

Pfefferle William C: Catalytically-supported thermal combustion. Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals Corporation, December 30, 1975: US3928961 (121 worldwide citation)

A method for the catalytically-supported thermal combustion of carbonaceous fuel comprising the adiabatic combustion of at least a portion of the fuel admixed with air in the presence of a solid oxidation catalyst at an operating temperature substantially above the instantaneous auto-ignition temper ...

Leonard B Torobin: Hollow porous microspheres as substrates and containers for catalysts and method of making same. Perry Carvellas, January 20, 1987: US04637990 (108 worldwide citation)

Hollow porous microspheres are used as substrates and containers for catalyst to make microsphere catalysts.

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Disclosed are catalysts comprising copper chromite, palladium and lanthanum having hydrogenation activity. The combination of copper chromite with palladium and lanthanum enhances catalyst activity more than the presence of either palladium alone or palladium in combination with alkali or alkaline e ...

Araki Yasushi, Mizuno Tatsuji: Filter for purifying exhaust gases. Toyota Motor, April 9, 1997: EP0766993-A2 (87 worldwide citation)

A wall-flow type filter for purifying exhaust gases having a number of cells formed in a direction of flow of exhaust gases, wherein every other cell is plugged on the exhaust gas inlet side but is opened on the exhaust gas outlet side, and the cells that are opened on the exhaust gas inlet side are ...

Dunster Michael, Korchnak Joseph D: Production of synthesis gas from hydrocarbonaceous feedstock.. Davy Mckee, February 15, 1989: EP0303438-A2 (80 worldwide citation)

Hydrocarbonaceous feedstocks are converted to synthesis gas by a catalytic partial oxidation process wherein a mixture of hydrocarbonaceous feedstock, oxygen or an oxygen-containing gas and, optionally, steam is provided to a catalytic partial oxidation zone at a temperature not lower than 93 DEG C ...

Kitzner Ernest W, Rhodes Alex, Schachter Moses: Catalytic converter with electrically preheated catalyst. Ford Motor Company, October 30, 1973: US3768982 (79 worldwide citation)

Heat from an electric heater is transferred conductively through a monolithic support to a catalyst located on the surfaces of the monolithic support. Engine exhaust gases passing through the monolithic support contact the heated catalyst, which assists in converting undesirable components of the ex ...

Strehlau Wolfgang, Gerlach Olga, Maier Jürgen, Gabriel Tamara: Catalysts for the simultaneous removal of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from oxygen-rich exhaust gases and processes for the manufacture thereof. Hte Aktiengesellschaft The High Throughput Experimentation Company, Strehlau Wolfgang, Gerlach Olga, Maier Jürgen, Gabriel Tamara, RICKER Mathias, November 3, 2005: WO/2005/102513 (77 worldwide citation)

Catalyst containing tin oxide, palladium and a carrier oxide, charaterized in that tin oxide and palladium are present on the carrier oxide in a roentgenographically amorphous or a nanoparticular form or that the carrier oxide is present in a nanoparticular form or that both tin oxide and palladium ...

Richard W Hanaway: Reagent dispenser for an analyzing system. American Hospital Supply Corporation, Perman & Green, July 21, 1987: US04681741 (75 worldwide citation)

A reagent dispensing assembly for use in an automated specimen analysis system. The assembly comprises a dispensing station and a plurality of reagent supply containers associated therewith. A system is provided for positioning a desired one of the reagent containers at the dispensing station for di ...