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The present invention is directed to systems and methods for nanowire growth and harvesting. In an embodiment, methods for nanowire growth and doping are provided, including methods for epitaxial oriented nanowire growth using a combination of silicon precursors. In a further aspect of the invention ...

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Supported non-oxide metal carbide-containing catalysts are provided which comprise: (a) an oxide support, such as alumina or cordierite; (b) a passivating layer of a ceramic, such as silicon carbide; and (c) a non-oxide metal ceramic catalytic component, such as a Group VI metal carbide or nitride, ...

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The present invention relates to SiC nanostructures, including SiC nanopowder, SiC nanowires, and composites of SiC nanopowder and nanowires, which can be used as catalyst supports in membrane electrode assemblies and in fuel cells. The present invention also relates to composite catalyst supports c ...

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A catalyst for use in a fuel cell containing a platinum-aluminum alloy on a conductive carbon carrier, wherein the atomic ratio of platinum to aluminum is from 80:20 to 60:40 and the alloy is present on the carbon carrier in carbidized form with the structure of platinum-aluminum carbide Pt.sub.3 Al ...

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A process for preparing a supported tungsten carbide composition which comprises first forming a supported tungsten oxide composition, converting the oxide to the nitride by heating in an ammonia atmosphere, and then converting the nitride to the carbide by heating in a carbiding atmosphere.

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Disclosed is a carbonaceous material which reacts rapidly with hydrogen to produce a methane-rich gas containing at least 20% by volume methane. The carbonaceous material is formed by contacting a carbon monoxide containing gas with an initiator including a ferrous group metal such as iron, cobalt, ...

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Zur russfreien Erzeugung eines Kohlenmonoxid, Wasserstoff und gasförmige Kohlenwasserstoffe enthaltenden Brenngasgemisches durch partielle Oxidation von flüssigen Kohlenwasserstoffen mit Luft bei Luftzahlen unter 0,3 und Temperaturen zwischen 600 und 800 DEG C wird gemäss der Erfindung ein Metallkat ...

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The present invention provides methods of synthesizing molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and carbon-containing molybdenum disulfide (MoS2-xCx) catalysts that exhibit improved catalytic activity for hydrotreating reactions involving hydrodesulfurization, hydrodenitrogenation, and hydrogenation. The present ...

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A process for preparing a supported molybdenum carbide composition which comprises impregnating a porous support with a solution of molybdic acid dissolved in aqueous ammonium hydroxide, drying the impregnated support and then heating in a carbiding atmosphere at a temperature of about 650.degree.-7 ...

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Methods and compostions produced thereby are provided concerning the preparation and use of high specific surface area carbides and nitrides. The carbides and nitrides can be obtained by thermal reduction of oxides in the presence of a source of carbon and nitrogen respectively, with relatively slow ...