Jean-luc Dubois
Yasuhiro Magatani, Kimito Okumura, Jean Luc Dubois, Jean Francois Devaux: Catalyst and process for preparing acrolein and/or acrylic acid by dehydration reaction of glycerin. ARKEMA FRANCE, Millen White Zelano & Branigan P C, October 20, 2015: US09162954

A catalyst composition comprising at least an heteropolyacid deposited on a porous titania carrier. A catalyst composition comprising at least an heteropolyacid in which protons in the heteropolyacid may be partially exchanged by at least one cation selected from elements belonging to Group 1 to Gro ...

Charles H Mauldin: Cobalt catalysts for the conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons and for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Exxon Research and Engineering Co, Llewellyn A Proctor, February 4, 1986: US04568663 (114 worldwide citation)

A rhenium promoted cobalt catalyst, especially a rhenium and thoria promoted cobalt catalyst, and process for the conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons. Methanol is contacted, preferably with added hydrogen, over said catalyst, or synthesis gas is contacted over said catalyst to produce, at reactio ...

Adam Heller, Michael V Pishko, Ephraim Heller: Photocatalyst-binder compositions. E Heller & Company, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt, April 1, 1997: US05616532 (90 worldwide citation)

A photocatalyst composition containing a substantially non-oxidizable binder which allows large amounts of photocatalytic particles to be adhered to a surface. Upon application to a surface, the composition dries or cures to form an adherent, abrasion-resistant, thermostable, and photocatalytic coat ...

Matsushita Hajime, Shibagaki Makoto, Takahashi Kyoko: Method of producing alcohols.. Japan Tobacco, October 12, 1988: EP0285786-A2 (79 worldwide citation)

An alcohol compound is produced by reducing a carboxylic acid or an ester thereof with an alcohol in the presence of a solid catalyst. The catalyst includes a hydrous metal oxide belonging to Group IV of the Periodic Table.

Kenneth E Voss, Bulent O Yavuz, Robert J Farrauto, Michael P Galligan: Oxidation catalyst with bulk ceria, a second bulk metal oxide, and platinum. Engelhard Corporation, February 13, 1996: US05491120 (76 worldwide citation)

Oxidation catalyst compositions include a catalytic material having a BET surface area of at least about 10 m.sup.2 /g and consisting essentially of a combination of bulk ceria and a bulk second metal oxide which may be one or more of titania, zirconia, ceria-zirconia, silica, alumina-silica and .al ...

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The invention provides olefin polymerization catalyst exhibiting excellent polymerization activities, a process for olefin polymerization using the catalyst, a novel transition metal compound useful for the catalyst, and an &agr;-olefin/conjugated diene copolymer having specific properties. The olef ...

John P Day, Irwin M Lachman: Aluminum titanate-mullite ceramic articles. Corning Glass Works, C S Janes Jr, November 20, 1984: US04483944 (72 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to the production of sintered ceramic articles wherein aluminum titanate and mullite constitute the predominant crystal phases and wherein the microstructure thereof evidences grain boundary and intracrystalline microcracking. The articles have base compositions encompasse ...

Ralph A Dalla Betta, Kazunori Tsurumi, Toru Shoji: Graded palladium-containing partial combustion catalyst. Catalytica, Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo, Morrison & Foerster, November 2, 1993: US05258349 (70 worldwide citation)

This invention is a graded catalyst comprising palladium and also a partial combustion process in which the fuel is partially combusted using that catalyst. The catalyst utilizes a catalytic support structure suitable for high flow rates of combustible gas mixtures through it. The catalyst is situat ...

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Layered chalcogenide materials of high thermal stability and surface area which contain interspathic polymeric chalcogenides such as polymeric silica are prepared by ion exchanging a layered metal oxide, such as layered titanium oxide, with organic cation, to spread the layers apart. A compound such ...

Toshiya Watanabe, Eiichi Kojima, Keiichiro Norimoto, Tamon Kimura, Mitsuyoshi Machida, Makoto Hayakawa, Atsushi Kitamura, Makoto Chikuni, Yoshimitsu Saeki, Tatsuhiko Kuga, Yasushi Nakashima: Multi-functional material with photocalytic functions and method of manufacturing same. Toto, Joseph P Carrier, William D Blackman, Carrier Blackman & Associates P C, December 29, 1998: US05853866 (69 worldwide citation)

Multi-functional materials are classified into those which have a photocatalytic layer 2 with a photocatalytic function directly disposed on the surface of a base 1 and those which have a photocatalytic layer 2 with a photocatalytic function disposed on the surface of a base 1 through a binder layer ...