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Catalysts are disclosed which have good activity and life when used to promote the conversion of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides contained in small concentrations in gaseous streams, to obtain the less noxious materials, carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen. The catalysts contain a c ...

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The present invention relates to a layered catalyst composite of the type generally referred to as a three-way conversion catalyst having the capability of substantially simultaneously catalyzing the oxidation of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and the reduction of nitrogen oxides. The structure of ...

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A catalyst composition suitable for three-way conversion of internal combustion engine, e.g., automobile gasoline engine, exhaust gases includes a catalytic material disposed in two discrete coats on a carrier. The first coat includes a stabilized alumina support on which a first platinum catalytic ...

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This invention relates to an ethylene oxide catalyst having an improved selectivity which catalyst comprises silver, a promoting amount of alkali metal and a promoting amount of rhenium supported on a porous refractory support.

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This invention provides polyfunctional catalysts comprising a composite of platinum and one or more of rhodium, ruthenium and iridium, a substantially larger quantity of one or more base metal oxides in which the metal is selected from the group consisting of metals having an atomic number from 25 t ...

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A catalyst for hydrotreating a heavy hydrocarbon oil containing asphaltenes comprises a porous carrier composed of one or more inorganic oxides of at least one element selected from among those of Groups II, III and IV of the Periodic Table, and at least one catalytic metal component composited with ...

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When supported silver materials are being prepared, deposits of from about 4.0 .times. 10.sup.-.sup.5 to about 8.0 .times. 10.sup.-.sup.3 gram equivalent weights per kilogram of finished product of ionic, higher alkali metals, i.e., ionic potassium, rubidium or cesium simultaneously with the deposit ...

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A catalyst for exhaust gas purification, comprising a heat-resistant inorganic monolith carrier and a catalyst layer loaded thereon, the catalyst layer including a catalyst composition containing at least one noble metal selected from Pt, Pd and Rh, as an active catalyst component, and active alumin ...

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This invention relates to an ethylene oxide catalyst which contains silver and one or more alkali metal promoters supported an a carrier having a crush strength of at least about 5 pounds and a settled packing density of at least about 30 pounds/cubic foot which comprises first and second alpha alum ...

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This invention relates to the catalysts for the manufacture of ethylene oxide at commercial concentrations in the presence of carbon dioxide gas recycle which contains impregnated silver on a support and a mixture of cesium salts, at least one of which is a cesium salt in which the anions thereof ar ...