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Highly active, hydrothermally stable and ammonia-stable Y zeolite compositions are disclosed, which compositions are useful as adsorbents, hydrocarbon conversion catalysts, and as acidic supports for catalytic metals. The stabilized Y zeolite composition is prepared from a sodium Y zeolite by a nove ...

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The aim of the invention was to find a method of producing a sorptive body, to be used especially with objectives such as the elimination of odors and air freshening. In the invented process a granular or powdered solid component consisting of a sorptive material, e.g. active carbon, or a compound c ...

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A synthetic, crystalline, porous material containing oxides of silicon and boron is disclosed, which, in the non-calcined state, has the following empyrical formula: mM2/nO,pR,xM2O3,(1-x)B2O3,yMO2,qH2O and, in the calcined and anhydrous state, has the following empyrical formula: mM2/nO,xM2O3,(1-x)B ...

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Nouveau matériau synthétique à base de silice.

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The present invention involves compositions of super absorbent polymers which absorb many times their weight in water and aqueous fluids. Super absorbent polymers in the prior art have effectively absorbed many times their weight of water, however, they become slimy to the touch or become so fluid a ...

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A reversible adsorbent for carbon dioxide, which can be used as a decontaminant of closed environments, has been devised. It consists of a novel material formed by a surface modified silica gel with active sites for the chemisorption of CO.sub.2 at room temperature combined with a clay which acts as ...

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An improved method for separation and isolation of individual components contained in a C.sub.8 aromatic mixture such as p-xylene and ethylbenzene, by contacting the mixture with an aluminosilicate zeolite which has been contacted with an organic-radical substituted silane to modify the characterist ...

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Magnesium-aluminum, hydrotalcite-type clay compositions containing large, pillaring organic, inorganic, and mixed organic/inorganic anions have been made and shown to demonstrate catalytic properties. Heating of the mixed large organic/inorganic anion hydrotalcite-type clays can lead to substantiall ...

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A process for making a granular sorbent to capture carbon dioxide from gas streams comprising homogeneously mixing an alkali metal oxide, alkali metal hydroxide, alkaline earth metal oxide, alkaline earth metal hydroxide, alkali titanate, alkali zirconate, alkali silicate and combinations thereof wi ...