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Apparatus for performing a method for ultrasonically uniting sheets of thermoplastic material comprising the steps of: (a) providing an anvil having a plurality of spaced grooves in a surface thereof; (b) positioning said sheets in superposed relationship on said anvil and covering said grooves; and ...




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1278333 Unjointing A M HARRIS 3 Sept 1969 [3 Sept 1968] 43707/69 Heading B3V [Also in Division H4] A method of separating glued members comprises applying to one member substantially ultrasonic vibrations for a period of time sufficient to destroy the glue structure of the joint. The apparatus emplo ...

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Procédé et dispositif pour la phosphatisation des surfaces de pièces de métaux ferreux, non ferreux et leurs alliages au moyen d'un traitement avec une solution contenant un polyphosphate pour le dépôt d'une couche de phosphate de fer et de zinc et revêtement au moins d'une pellicule de matière poly ...

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