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A process for preparing multicomponent gas separation membranes is disclosed. The process involves casting two or more solutions of polymer, and partially removing solvent from the side of the cast polymer that is to form the gas separation layer of the membrane. The membrane is then quenched to fre ...

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A hydrophilic porous membrane is provided which comprises a network of a non-crystalline hydrophobic polymer and a hydrophilic acrylate polymer. A method of preparing such a hydrophilic porous membrane also is provided, wherein a reaction solution of a non-crystalline hydrophobic polymer, a crosslin ...

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An integral polyether-sulfone membrane with a pore system open at the outer boundaries is in the form of flat films, tubular films or hollow fibers having a maximum pore diameter of 0.02 .mu.m to 2 .mu.m. The pore system is cellular throughout with cells having polyhedrally symmetrical boundaries. T ...

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In the present invention high performance cross-linked polybenzoxazole and polybenzothiazole polymer membranes and methods for making and using these membranes have been developed. The cross-linked polybenzoxazole and polybenzothiazole polymer membranes are prepared by: 1) first synthesizing polyimi ...

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A porous polymeric membrane formed from a blend of a polymeric membrane forming material, such as PVDF or polysulfone and a polymeric reactivity modifying agent adapted to modify the surface active properties of the porous polymeric membrane. The reactivity modifying agent is preferably a linear pol ...

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An assymetric microporous hollow fibre for hemodialysis is composed of 90-99% by weight of a first, hydrophobic polymer and 10-1% by weight of a second, hydrophilic polymer having a water uptake capacity of 3-10%, and is produced by precipitating an extruded solution of 12- 20% by weight of first po ...

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The resistance to an oxidizer of a biocompatible polysulfone membrane can be enhanced by the incorporation of a specific hydrophilic polyurethane polymer.

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A multi-layer microfiltration membrane having an integrated prefiltration layer. Pursuant to a phase inversion process, several layers are successively poured out onto one another prior to phase separation of a lower layer, with the viscosity for the pour solution decreasing toward the upper layers. ...

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Die Erfindung betrifft asymmetrische makroporöse Membranen auf Basis von synthetischem Polymerisat, die aug einem Polymerisatgemenge aufgebaut sind, das im Bereich von 5 bis 70 Gew.% aus Polyvinylpyrrolidon mit Molekulargewicht >=100.000 Dalton und zu 95 bis 30 Gew.% aus Polymerem, ausgewählt aus ei ...