Simon Rushworth
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The invention relates to an oxygen conducting membrane includes a dense, mixed-conducting, multi-metallic oxide membrane having one surface which is coated with dispersed particles based on noble metals or magnesium oxide.

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By combining electro-osmotic and electrohydrodynamic pumps in a microchannel, both polar and non-polar fluids can be moved along said channel. The pumps can be made from pairs of wire electrodes inserted into openings in the channel and connected to a source of a pulsed DC power. By reversing the vo ...

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A process for handling a biological specimen for the analysis of nucleic acid sequences wherein the biological specimen is immobilized within a carrier device for controlled temperature conditions and the sequential addition of fluid treatments. The fluid treatments arm selected from lysing end dena ...

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A method and compositions for separating molecules based on molecular size, shape, affinity, chirality, weight, charge, and hydrogen bonding, using a mosaic matrix formed by polymerizing a dispersion of dispersoids within a polymeric matrix. The dispersoids and matrix can be of the same or different ...

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A method and apparatus are presented for the casting of gradient gels, without voids, in confined support structures such as thin slab-type configurations. Furthermore, by using a differential activation scheme for the casting, the method makes is possible to produce such gels in slabs of capillary ...

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A method and device are disclosed for culturing of adherent cell monolayer cultures on an electrode surface and subjecting the cells to an electrical field. The device may generally comprises cell culture dish, for example a petri-type dish, having a bottom, with an electrically conductive, opticall ...

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A process is provided for removing organics and ions from liquid. Water to be purified is first exposed to ultraviolet(UV) radiation to oxidize organics in the liquid. The UV-treated water then is passed through an electrodeionization apparatus having an ion depletion compartment containing mixed an ...

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Described is an apparatus for the contamination-free isolation of nucleic acids from biological fluids and suspensions containing nucleic acids comprising: a reaction compartment for holding an adsorption medium laden with nucleic acids; connected via a channel to a removal compartment; wherein the ...

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This disclosure relates to the electrodialytic demineralization of water by passing soft water through a treating chamber defined by a pair of permselective membranes of which the one closer to the cathode of the cell is cationic permselective and the one closer to the anode is anionic permselective ...

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The present invention relates to ultrafiltration. In particular, the present invention provides a compact ultrafiltration device (10) and methods for generating an ultrafiltrate, both of which can be used for a variety of applications, including, but not limited to filtering blood, diagnostic applic ...