Simon Rushworth
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The invention relates to an oxygen conducting membrane includes a dense, mixed-conducting, multi-metallic oxide membrane having one surface which is coated with dispersed particles based on noble metals or magnesium oxide.

Jean-luc Dubois
Sylvain Gerard, Nicolas Dupont, Jean Luc Dubois, Serge Tretjak, Nabil Tlili: Method and device for separating gaseous mixtures by means of permeation. Arkema France, L Air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour L Etude Et L Exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude, August 23, 2012: US20120210870-A1

The invention relates to a method for purifying a specific gas stream containing one or more components to be recovered, one or more impurities to be eliminated and one or more poisons, for a unit for separation by means of permeation, including the following steps: a) in a unit for separation by me ...

Arnaud Baudot
Serge Gonzalez, Jacques Vallet, Arnaud Baudot, Helene Rodeschini: Process for membrane separation of linear hydrocarbons within a hydrocarbon mixture. IFP Energies nouvelles, Millen White Zelano & Branigan P C, August 13, 2013: US08506814

The invention relates to a process for membrane separation that makes it possible to separate linear hydrocarbons from branched hydrocarbons. The membrane that is used comprises a dense selective layer that consists of a polymer whose chemical structure contains at least one bis-phenyl-9,9-fluorene ...

Arnaud Baudot
Nathalie Cougard, Arnaud Baudot, Vincent Coupard: Process for separating propane and propylene using a distillation column and a membrane separation column. IFP Energies Nouvelles, Millen White Zelano & Branigan P C, July 2, 2013: US08475567

Process for separating propane and propylene using a distillation column and at least one membrane separation unit constituted by one or more modules operating in series, said membrane separation unit being placed either upstream, or downstream, or upstream and downstream of the distillation column.

Yi Hua Ma, Peter P Mardilovich, Ying She: Hydrogen gas-extraction module and method of fabrication. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds P C, November 28, 2000: US06152987 (281 worldwide citation)

A hydrogen gas-extraction module includes an intermediate layer bonded between a porous metal substrate and a membrane layer that is selectively permeable to hydrogen. The metal substrate includes a substantial concentration of a first metal at a surface of the metal substrate, and the intermediate ...

Cornelis Johannes Maria Van Rijn: Membrane filter and a method of manufacturing the same as well as a membrane. Young & Thompson, May 19, 1998: US05753014 (165 worldwide citation)

A membrane filter comprises a membrane provided with pores with a pore size between 5 nm and 50 .mu.m. The membrane may easily and reliably be processed with use of silicon micromachining through depositing a relatively thin membrane layer on a support, by use of a suitable vapour deposition or spin ...

Monte K Drost, Robert S Wegeng, Michele Friedrich, William T Hanna, Charles J Call, Dean E Kurath: Microcomponent assembly for efficient contacting of fluid. Battelle Memorial Institute, Paul W Zimmerman, October 3, 2000: US06126723 (145 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a fundamental method and apparatus of a microcomponent assembly that overcomes the inherent limitations of state of the art chemical separations. The fundamental element enabling miniaturization is the porous contactor contained within a microcomponent assembly for mass tran ...

David J Edlund: Composite hydrogen separation element and module. Bend Research, Chernoff Vilhauer McClung & Stenzel, March 12, 1996: US05498278 (131 worldwide citation)

There are disclosed improvements in multicomponent composite metal membranes useful for the separation of hydrogen, the improvements comprising the provision of a flexible porous intermediate layer between a support layer and a nonporous hydrogen-permeable coating metal layer, and the provision of a ...

Walter C Babcock, Dwayne T Friesen: Semipermeable thin-film membranes comprising siloxane, alkoxysilyl and aryloxysilyl oligomers and copolymers. Bend Research, Chernoff Vilhauer McClung & Stenzel, November 1, 1988: US04781733 (126 worldwide citation)

Novel semiperimeable membranes and thin film composite (TFC) gas separation membranes useful in the separation of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, lower hydrocarbons, and other gases are disclosed. The novel semipermeable membranes comprise the poly ...

Okan M Ekiner, Richard A Hayes, Phillip Manos: Novel multicomponent fluid separation membranes. E I du Pont de Nemours and Company, February 4, 1992: US05085676 (124 worldwide citation)

A process for preparing multicomponent gas separation membranes is disclosed. The process involves casting two or more solutions of polymer, and partially removing solvent from the side of the cast polymer that is to form the gas separation layer of the membrane. The membrane is then quenched to fre ...