Jean-luc Dubois
Sylvain Gerard, Nicolas Dupont, Jean Luc Dubois, Serge Tretjak, Nabil Tlili: Method and device for separating gaseous mixtures by means of permeation. Arkema France, L Air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour L Etude Et L Exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude, August 23, 2012: US20120210870-A1

The invention relates to a method for purifying a specific gas stream containing one or more components to be recovered, one or more impurities to be eliminated and one or more poisons, for a unit for separation by means of permeation, including the following steps: a) in a unit for separation by me ...

Arnaud Baudot
Arnaud Baudot, Nathalie Dupassieux, Sophie Montes: Gas processing method using a filtered glycol solution. Institut Francais du Petrole, Antonelli Terry Stout & Kraus, September 11, 2007: US07267775 (2 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method and to a plant for processing a gas by means of a glycol solution wherein a feed comprising a gas, a glycol, water and salts is subjected to a first stage (5) of separating the gas from a liquid effluent and said liquid effluent is subjected to a dehydration stage ( ...

Joan F Brennecke, Edward J Maginn: Purification of gas with liquid ionic compounds. University of Notre Dame du Lac, Barnes & Thornburg, June 17, 2003: US06579343 (111 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method for purifying a gas by contacting the gas with a liquid ionic compound. Natural gas may be purified, removing water and carbon dioxide, by contacting the natural gas with a liquid ionic compound.

Shrier Adam L, Danckwerts Peter V: Promoting scrubbing of acid gases. Exxon Research and Engineering Company, Baran R J, December 24, 1974: US3856921 (103 worldwide citation)

Acidic components are removed from fluids by contacting said fluid with a solution of a basic salt of an alkali or alkaline earth metal and an amine selected from the group consisting of 2-methylaminoethanol, 2-ethylaminoethanol, morpholine, pyrrolidone and derivatives thereof. Preferably, the fluid ...

John Mak, Richard B Nielsen, Thomas King Chow, Oliver Morgan, Vincent Wai Wong: Methods and configurations for acid gas enrichment. Fluor Technologies Corporation, Fish & Associates PC, December 22, 2009: US07635408 (85 worldwide citation)

Hydrogen sulfide is selectively enriched from an acid gas (1) that comprises relatively large quantities of carbon dioxide using a configuration in which a portion of an isolated hydrogen sulfide stream is introduced into an absorber (51) operating as a carbon dioxide rejecter. The resulting concent ...

Dwain F Spencer: product, from a multicomponent gaseous stream to produce a high pressure CO, Methods and systems for selectively separating CO. Bret E Field, Bozicevic Field & Francis, October 31, 2006: US07128777 (84 worldwide citation)

Methods are provided for the selective removal of CO2 from a multicomponent gaseous stream to provide a CO2 depleted gaseous stream. In practicing the subject methods, an initial multicomponent gaseous stream is contacted with an aqueous fluid under conditions of selective CO2 clathrate formation to ...

Edward T Child, Warren G Schlinger, George N Richter: Production of purified synthesis gas H.sub.2 -rich gas, and by-product CO.sub.2 -rich gas. Texaco, Thomas H Whaley, Carl G Ries, Albert Brent, October 4, 1977: US04052176 (83 worldwide citation)

A raw synthesis gas feed stream, e.g., gaseous mixtures comprising H.sub.2 and CO and containing gaseous impurities including CO.sub.2, H.sub.2 S, COS, and mixtures thereof (acid gas) and CH.sub.4, optionally in admixture with a CO-rich gas stream produced subsequently in the process, is introduced ...

Earl S Hill: Process for recovering sulfur from fuel gases containing hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and carbonyl sulfide. Shell Oil Company, Albert J Adamcik, November 2, 1976: US03989811 (83 worldwide citation)

Sour gas streams containing significant quantities of H.sub.2 S, CO.sub.2, and COS are contacted with an aqueous absorbent to remove the acid gases, the acid gases are described and contacted with a selective absorbent which rejects a substantial quantity of the CO.sub.2, and the H.sub.2 S enriched ...

Robert N Schmidt, Haans K Petruschke: Lightweight filter. Life Systems, D Peter Hochberg, Mark M Kusner, Louis J Weisz, June 13, 1989: US04838901 (82 worldwide citation)

A lightweight, snap together filter is provided for use under high stress environmental conditions. The casing and cover of the filter may be molded from high strength plastics and has been designed to snap together by a snap lock mechanism to secure a subtantially pressure tight filter assembly. Th ...

Thomas H Baize: Method and apparatus for sweetening natural gas. Neal J Mosely, May 31, 1988: US04748011 (82 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are disclosed for sweetening of natural gas at the well head or at a common collection point from a number of wells, where, in the usual collection system for natural gas, the gas from one or more wells is collected through a collection line or manifold and often subjected to ...