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A process is provided for preparing skinless hydrophilic alcohol-insoluble polyamide membranes by preparing a solution in a polyamide solvent of an alcohol-insoluble polyamide resin having a ratio CH.sub.2 :NHCO of methylene CH.sub.2 to amide NHCO groups within the range from about 5:1 to about 7:1 ...

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Good salt rejection and flux characteristics can be obtained with reverse osmosis membranes made from crosslinked, interfacially polymerized aromatic polyamides, particularly poly(arylenepolyamine aromaticpolycarboxylamides) such as poly(phenylenediamine trimesamide). The aromatic polyamides are pre ...

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A flexible artificial kidney, capable of being worn directly on the body of the patient, and characterized by a flexible hollow retentate chamber of about 3 to 50 cm.sup.3 in volume surrounded by a jacketed flexible dialysate chamber of about 300 to 5,000 cm.sup.3 in volume, preferably such that the ...

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An automatic flushing and cleaning system for membrane separation machines such as reverse osmosis machines having plural modules or membranes. Cleaning may be by way of reducing the pressure to allow the membrane to relax, by the injection of air or inert gas to provide turbulence, and/or by inject ...

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Novel microporous polymers in forms ranging from films to blocks and intricate shapes from synthetic thermoplastic polymers, such as, olefinic, condensation, and oxidation polymers, are disclosed. In one embodiment the microporous polymers are characterized by a relatively homogeneous, three-dimensi ...

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A microporous filter system comprises two types of hydrophilic, microporous filter media operating in series. The two filter media have opposite zeta potentials with the upstream or first filter medium preferably having the positive zeta potential and the downstream or second filter having the negat ...

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This invention affords a filtration method and apparatus for extracting cell produced antiviral substances (CPAS) from a production broth using cross-flow membrane filtration. The broth is perfused into a first filtration cell and caused to cross-flow across an ultrafiltration membrane in the cell, ...

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An isolating and blood pressure transmitting apparatus for use in an extracorporeal blood treatment system or the like comprises a generally cylindrical, transparent plastic chamber with a housing having axially opposing inlet and outlet portions. The inlet portion is connected to a blood pumping an ...

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A one-piece hydraulic circuit is provided for use with a blood dialyzer for performing functions currently performed with a multiplicity of blood inlet and outlet sets and related items comprising flexible tubing and the like.

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In apparatus for the reverse osmosis purification of water or other fluid in a module containing a membrane, the water is forced into the module under pressure using two piston-cylinder assemblies mechanically interconnected with the pressurized fluid from the module applied to the rear face of the ...