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Improved ultraporous and microporous membranes are provided with an entirely reticulated structure free of large finger voids. The reticulated support structure has gradually increasing pore size which reaches a maximum of from about 10 to about 20,000 times the diameter of the skin pores at the opp ...

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Good salt rejection and flux characteristics can be obtained with reverse osmosis membranes made from crosslinked, interfacially polymerized aromatic polyamides, particularly poly(arylenepolyamine aromaticpolycarboxylamides) such as poly(phenylenediamine trimesamide). The aromatic polyamides are pre ...

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The preparation of a novel class of thin film membranes by interfacial polymerization is disclosed, said membranes incorporating as part of their polymeric structure the functionality of monomeric or oligomeric precursors. Specific embodiments include porphyrin and phthalocyanine derivatives that ar ...

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A dialysis instrument having a pump located on the dialysate side of a dialyzer for moving body fluids. A disposable cartridge mounted to a main frame includes containers of calcium chloride, priming solution, water, sorbent column, dialysate reservoir bag and potassium/hydrogen citrate reinfusate r ...

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A medical article having a layered antithrombogenic surface is useful as a polymeric implant. The article comprises a polymeric substrate coated with chitosan to which is appended an antithrombotic agent. A process for rendering the surface of a polymer antithrombogenic is disclosed.

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A hemapheresis system and method in accordance with the invention comprises a stationary closed housing concentric about a central axis and a feed system that moves blood upwardly from the housing lower end toward an outlet port adjacent a substantially closed upper end. Within the stationary housin ...

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A fluid flow chamber cassette that can be mounted with either its front wall or rear wall against a supporting machine and has a flexible tube that extends from a sidewall and forms a loop that is symmetrical about a loop axis that is transverse to the side wall so that the loop will be acted upon b ...

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