Seth Eisner: Location-aware distributed sporting events. Black Lowe & Graham PLLC, May 3, 2011: US07934983 (68 worldwide citation)

Various embodiments facilitate location-aware distributed competitions. In one embodiment, a system facilitates a distributed sporting event that includes multiple players traveling over courses that are remote from one another. The system includes a manager that receives state information, such as ...

Jon F Champlin: Convertible snowboard/skis. Richard C Litman, July 22, 1997: US05649722 (47 worldwide citation)

A snowboard convertible into a pair of cross-country skis. The snowboard is characterized by joining a pair of cross-country skis together to form a snowboard and a removably mounted binding system positioned on the snowboard that is moveable between a snowboard position and a ski position. The bind ...

Toshihiko Kita: Game machine having plural display panel units and plural memory cartridges. SNK Corporation, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, May 19, 1992: US05114157 (46 worldwide citation)

A TV game machine includes connectors for detachably connecting a plurality of memory cartridges each having at least non-volatile memories containing a game program, picture data and sound data, a cartridge selecting circuit for selectively accessing one of the memory cartridges in cooperation with ...

Edwards Robert A: Race calling system. Sommers & Sommers, March 5, 1974: US3795907 (31 worldwide citation)

An electronic race-calling system adapted to generate data enabling representation of the order and relative lead of race entries at call points along the race course, and at the finish line of the course. The system includes a plurality of pickup loops stationed at call points around the track, whi ...

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A rodeo training device for training cowboys to ride rodeo animals such as bulls and wild horses. The device includes a rider support and mechanism to drive the rider support to simulate the bucking and/or spinning motions of a rodeo animal attempting to unseat its rider.

Donald W Robinson: Proximity detector. Robert D Farkas, January 29, 1980: US04186388 (27 worldwide citation)

A proximity detector preferably utilizes a photoelectric cell, responsive to light beams emanating from a lamp carried by a tripod supported light projecting apparatus. Such apparatus includes a height adjustment utilizing a telescoping pair of tubes, one of which is supported by three tripod legs, ...

Richard R Beierwaltes: Swimming pool touch pad. Silverman & Cass, March 16, 1976: US03944763 (23 worldwide citation)

A swimming pool touch pad seats on a swimming pool wall and is adapted to close an external electric circuit when contacted by a swimmer. The pad includes a nonconductive baseplate adapted to be mounted on a swimming pool wall. A normally nonconductive generally planar pressure sensitive elastomeric ...

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A character in a video game space is represented realistically and the demo screen is made enjoyable for a user. A start demo display processing unit

Kenneth J McCord: Vertically adjustable bovine roping practice apparatus. Henderson Sturm Cepican & Fix, January 30, 1979: US04136874 (22 worldwide citation)

A portable, mechanical apparatus that can simulate either a running calf or a running steer for the purposes of roping exercises by changing the body height and position to resemble either a calf or a steer. The apparatus further including a ground engaging element and a release system that accomoda ...

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An exercise mat assembly comprising an extension pad and a mat body is disclosed. Each comprises a flexible cover, preferably plastic, with flexible padding inside the cover. The mat body is foldable along its transverse axis into two segments. One of these segments has a pocket for storing the exte ...