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This invention provides an interactive multifunction bowling alley system which utilizes a computer adapted to store information concerning selected bowling alley functions. A touch screen device is located at the patron area for at least selected ones of the bowling alley lanes. By permitting the u ...

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A golf club with improved vibration damping and weight distribution, the golf club comprising a shaft and a head comprising a body portion having a front portion and a back portion, wherein the body portion defines an upper aperture and a lower aperture extending through the body portion communicati ...

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A tamper resistant lottery ticket for preventing payoff of invalid tickets comprises a ticket body and a plurality of game fields which are choosable by a lottery player. At least one winning symbol for the ticket is positioned in a game field, and a scratch-off material covers the game fields to hi ...

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A rubber composition comprising at least one natural and/or synthetic rubber component(s), fine inorganic fibers subjected to a surface treatment with a surface treating agent and a non-sulfur type vulcanizing agent and a golf ball comprising the composition which exhibits excellent durability, boun ...

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An amusement game which comprises a playfield having a game piece and a plurality of play features, and an apparatus for projecting a changeable virtual image in association with the playfield.

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An arcade game including a progressive bonus apparatus connected to a plurality of individual game units. The progressive bonus apparatus receives score contributions from each game unit to increase a progressive score. When players achieve a predetermined task on a game unit, they receive a non-mon ...

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In abstract a preferred embodiment of this invention is either a generally cubical or cylindrical shaped insulated cooler with a plurality of latch means for securing thereto a combination tackle box, bait well and seat means on the upper portion thereof. Means are provided for giving ready access t ...

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An improved material for finishing athletic court, commercial, and residential floor surfaces of wood, linoleum, terrazzo, concrete, or other smooth surface includes at least one elongated sheet having a layer of a uniform flexible film of clear plastic material of between about 1 mil and 25 mils th ...

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An pool cue aiming apparatus for billiards games includes a cue provided with a source for a narrow collimated beam of light emerging from the playing tip along the longitudinal axis of the cue. An electrical communication system is located within the cue, having a pressure sensitive handle housing ...

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The lighting system (100) of the present invention includes at least one light string (130n) having a plurality of independently controllable light modules (140n), each emitting light in response to an activation signal uniquely associated with the light module. The lighting system (100) preferably ...