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A system for technique and accelerated reaction training of a person by a training program in which an array of lights is positioned visibly in front of the person, with each light signifying a different particular movement pattern to be executed by the person in a given amount of time. A control sy ...

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This relates to a method and apparatus for testing and enhancing a football player's ability to quickly react to visual stimuli. When the player leaves a starting position, first and second timers begin counting. When the player reaches a first reaction point, the first counter is stopped thus conta ...

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An electronic device, system and method to monitor and train an individual on proper motion during physical movement. The system employs an electronic device which tracks and monitors an individual's motion through the use of an accelerometer capable of measuring parameters associated with the indiv ...

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The present invention provides a portable training device for optimizing a training comprising a sound playback means, a microprocessor, and a means for detecting parameters inherent to the body of the user, said detecting means being connected with the microprocessor for data communication. The tra ...

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A simulator that imitates the fighting action of a hooked fish such that it takes line at varying speeds and torques, or at a fixed speed or torque. The simulator can be used for training, exercising of the angler or testing of components of the tackle such as the rod, reel, rollers and line. Contro ...

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This system, used to acquire and process in real time data pertaining to the position and/or physical performances of one or several persons in motion on a field, in particular athletes in motion on a game field, includes:

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An electronic exercise monitor for monitoring the repetitive performance of an exercise comprises a switch having a contact member connected to a displaceable member of the exercise equipment, the switch being responsive to the reciprocal motion of a displaceable member of an exercise device to outp ...

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An improved reaction time and force feedback system including a first portable housing for placement on the limb of a sporting participant for detecting the time and magnitude of force incurred by the limb during a sporting activity. A second portable housing is located on the body of the participan ...

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In an apparatus and method for teaching motor skills to a human subject, learning by a student is based upon imitation of a teacher's motion. The teacher's motion is sensed by a motion sensing device, is digitized by a computer, and is then recorded in memory. The computer generates a virtual image ...

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