Glover Cecil C: Golf club with adjustable weighting plugs. March 28, 1972: US3652094 (245 worldwide citation)

A golf club having provision for adjusting the swing weight and balance of the club. The club head includes a plurality of elongated cavities, each of which mounts an internally threaded sleeve. One or more externally threaded plugs are threadedly retained in each sleeve, the plugs being adapted to ...

Glover Cecil C: Golf club having integrally formed face and sole plate with weight means. September 19, 1972: US3692306 (221 worldwide citation)

A golf club whose head is provided with a bracket having sole and face plates formed integral with each other and positioned against respective bottom sole and front face surfaces of the head, and wherein one or the other of the plates carries at least one inwardly projecting elongate tube which is ...

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Wooden head for a golf club comprising a wooden body having a top surface, an undersurface carrying a soleplate, a rear surface and a face surface carrying a faceplate adapted to strike a golf ball during use of the golf club. The weight and balance of the head is adjustable by varying the weight of ...

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Putter head has bore behind and parallel to the face. Pin is disposed in bore having weight adjustable therealong. Modification includes tail centrally backward from main portion, the tail having a bore also enclosing a pin having a weight mounted adjustably on it. Changing or adjusting the weights ...

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A correlated set of golf clubs of the type commonly referred to as irons is disclosed. Various dimensions are the same for all club heads of a set even though loft and lie angles A and C are different for each. Weight is controlled by the depth of a cavity in the rear of the club head. A slope angle ...

Daniel N Campau: Iron-type golf clubs. Pepsico, December 13, 1983: US04420156 (145 worldwide citation)

A set of iron-type golf clubs is designed to have gear effect so that a golf ball which is hit off-center on the club is provided with a corrective spin which will tend to bring the ball back to the intended line of flight.

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A golf club head incorporating a hollow interior with a movable weight supported on a mounting rod which can be oriented in different angular positions to counteract the tendency of a golfer to hook or slice the ball and to increase the distance which the ball is driven due to the additional forces ...

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A swing analyzing device comprising swing practice equipment such as a golf club, wherein acceleration sensors are arranged on the shaft or on an axis of the swing practice equipment, or near the axis, and a dynamic quantity representing a movement of the shaft, such as an angular velocity, angular ...

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A golf club head has a main body portion formed by an investment casting of material such as stainless steel, beryllium copper, titanium, and aluminum. The face plate of the head is formed of a forged metal, such as forged carbon steel, this plate being welded to the face portion of the casting to f ...

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There is disclosed a method for the manufacture of golf clubs of the iron type having the capability of imparting better loft and directional stability to golf balls. This capability results from the manufacture of the golf irons with desirably low centers of gravity and a generally symmetrical weig ...