Michael Lin 林立
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A gaming device of the type that utilizes multiple rotatable reels or a video display to display a random combination of predetermined symbols, and which issues a win indication or a payout whenever one of several predetermined winning combinations of symbols is obtained. Certain ones of the predete ...

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A slot machine networked to a central server receives preference data corresponding to a player from the central server and configures the game to match the received preference data. The player inserts his player tracking card into the slot machine, which transmits player identification data to the ...

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A video amusement gaming system with pool prize structures including remote game terminals and a central controller with two-way communications between the remote game terminals and the central controller. Prize awards are based upon random shuffling of a set of prize awards among a predetermined po ...

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Gaming devices comprising a standard gaming unit, e.g., three reels, and a discernible additional payout indicator, e.g., a rotatable wheel. A preferred bonus payout indicator is clearly visible by the player and is actuatable when the reels of the slot machine stop on certain predetermined indicia. ...

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A random prize awarding system associated with a gaming console is provided in which the gaming console is arranged to play a first game or a second game, the first game being a standard game normally offered on the console and the second game being a jackpot game offered for play when the player ha ...

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A method and device for automated, repetitive play of a gaming device, such as a slot machine. A player enters player identifying information and player parameter selections at a gaming device. The gaming device stores the player parameter selections and proceeds to initiate automated play of the ga ...

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A system for controlling the operation of electronically linked gaming machines which enables information to be transferred between machines and from each machine to a control unit. In particular, credits on a machine can be transferred to another machine and the credit state of each machine can be ...

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The golf ball is made from a composition of a polyurethane prepolymer and a slow-reacting polyamine curing agent and/or a difunctional glycol. The slow-reacting polyamine curing agents and difunctional glycols are 3,5-dimethylthio-2,4-toluenediamine; 3,5-dimethylthio-2,6-toluenediamine; N,N'-dialkyl ...

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An interactive exercise system including exercise equipment having a resistance system, a speed sensor, a controller that varies the resistance setting of the exercise equipment, and a playback device for playing pre-recorded video and audio. The controller, operating in conjunction with speed infor ...