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A respirator face mask formed from a silicone or other vulcanized rubber with a multi-compound curved face seal having a superior configuration for facial fit. The mask is held by four support buttons and two straps attached thereto having a reverse leverage pulldown effect to pull the mask into con ...

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The device relates to a mask worn over a wearer's face for air filtration. The mask has an inturned lip that forms a seal on the edge of the mask with the wearer's face. The mask also has at least two other contact surfaces, internal to the edge seal, which vary in length to increase the seal integr ...

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A face mask, in particular for mechanically ventilating a patient, the mask comprising means interposed between a breathe-in/breathe-out pipe (10) and at least one of the nose and mouth orifices of the patient (5) to provide a sealed connection between the pipe and the respiratory tract of the patie ...

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A comfortable, leak-resistant CPAP nose mask (10) is provided having a soft, resilient, synthetic resin body (12) and an air source connection fitting (14). The body (12) presents an internal nose-receiving cavity (20) as well as a generally triangular nose entrance opening (16) and a spaced, oppose ...

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An apparatus and method for facilitating the respiration of a patient detects patient airway sounds and resolves these sounds into audio component bands whereupon an analysis is performed to produce a trend value. In response, a pressure action is determined using the trend value for controlling the ...

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A system including methods and apparatus for treatment of a medical disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea or congestive heart failure. The system involves applying separate and independent gains to flow rates of pressurized gas delivered to a patient during inspiratory and expiratory phases of a ...

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A device for the intranasal delivery of a medicament regimen to the nasal membranes for the treatment of such conditions as rhinitis.

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A resiliently flexible sealing element, conformable to the face of a wearer, in the form of a re-entrant flap is hingedly joined to and supported by a mask body in a spaced relationship thereto. The sealing element extends parametrically around the open side of the mask body and in selected location ...

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Improved methodology and apparatus for the treatment of sleep apnea through (1) application of alternating high and low level positive airway pressure within the airway of the patient with the high and low airway pressure being coordinated with the spontaneous respiration of the patient, (2) usage o ...

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A method and device for controlling sleep disorder breathing utilizes variable multiple level pressures. A pressure source supplies compressed breathable gas at a relatively low pressure to the user's airway. Pressure transducers monitor pressures and convert them into electrical signals. The electr ...