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An adjustable headgear for use with reusable or disposable nasal and/or oral gas delivery masks. The headgear includes a cap-like headpiece adapted to fit the crown and back of a patient's head. Lower strap means provide a two-point connection with the gas delivery mask to achieve a comfortable fit ...

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The equipment, for use by a pilot, is intended to provide the wearer with breathing gas under a pressure greater than ambient pressure. It comprises a mask having a rigid shell provided with fastening straps for holding the mask on the head, with a coupling for feeding breathing gas under pressure, ...

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1. Respirator helmet, in particular for escape contingencies, comprising a helmet (1) having a wide neck opening, with a window (2) and an external and adjustable strap system comprising tension straps (6a) and a strap (6b) extending around to the rear of the helmet (1), as well as an internal mask ...

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An inhalation/monitoring device is disclosed which has a headpiece adapted to fit a user which include an arcuate support member and ear members which can include a loudspeaker. A face piece is pivotably mounted to the support and includes a fluid chamber positionable over the user's nose for delive ...

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In combination, a protective helmet including an outer shell and an inner impact shell, a protective facepiece, and interconnecting members for mounting the facepiece to the inner impact shell and for placing the facepiece into sealing engagement with the face of a wearer of the helmet.

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A gas mask having a facepiece comprised of three separate transparent layers secured around their peripheries in a detachable manner, the inner layer being made of soft material, the middle layer being made of material that flexibly retains its form, and the outer layer being made of material for pr ...

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A universal headgear is easy to use and creates an effective seal between a patient interface device, such as gas delivery mask, and a patient. The headgear of the present invention includes a halo-like headband formed from an elastomeric material. The headband includes contoured panels that allow t ...

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A replaceable lens attachment system for respiratory devices and methods of use. The replaceable lens attachment system includes a face shield having rotatable attachment members and a replaceable lens. The rotatable attachment members include cams and flanges. The attachment system may further comp ...

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A device for administering oxygen or other respirating gases to a patient premeters and temporarily stores single dose quantities of respirating gas and dispenses each dose in synchronization with the patient's inspiratory cycle. A sensor produces a signal upon the onset of each inhalation and those ...

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A face mask support for continuous positive airway pressure comprises a circumferential band with biasing means support at the crown of the head on the medial line of the head. The circumferential edge of the cap extends from just below the forehead of a patient to below the inion protrusion at the ...