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A CPAP apparatus including: a variable pressured air source and means to vary the air pressure delivered therefrom; a nose piece for sealed air communication with a patient's respiratory system; an air communication line from the air source to the nose piece; a sound transducer adapted to be in soun ...

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A device which may be used in the treatment of snoring sickness. An air blower supplies high volume air at slightly greater than atmospheric pressure to a flexible tube (2). Such air is communicated via tube (2) through nose piece (3), further through flexible tube (4) and a restrictive air outlet d ...

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A nasal mask which is suitable for use in a continuous positive airway pressure system. The mask has a face contacting portion mounted to a shell which is sized and shaped to overfit the nose region of an intended wearer, and the face contacting portion is in the form of a distendable membrane which ...

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Systems, including apparatus and methods, for repairing injured connective tissue. These systems may include, among others, a surgical stapler and staples for repairing partially or completely severed tendons and/or ligaments.

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A nasal cushion (30) comprises a substantially triangularly shaped frame (32) from which extends a membrane (34). The frame (32) has a scalloped edge (36) by which the cushion (30) is affixed to a mask body. The membrane (34) has an aperture (38) into which the wearer's nose is received. The membran ...

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An adjustable forehead support for a nasal mask. The present invention discloses an adjustable forehead support for a nasal or full-face mask wherein the forehead support may be adjusted for the different shapes and sizes of a facial profile. The forehead support utilizes a dual-arm system which adj ...

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A persistent electric charge is introduced into melt-blown fibers during the melt-blowing process. When these charged fibers are incorporated into fibrous webs, they provide unique properties, including improved filtering properties.

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A mask for directing air to the facial area of a patient includes a mask body in the form of a conduit, a seal connected to an outlet end of the mask body for contacting the patient's face in a sealing relationship, the seal being soft and pliable for patient comfort, and a vent tube connected to an ...


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A facial mask assembly for covering at least the nose and nares of a patient's face and compensating for any unequal forces that may be generated in the straps holding the mask on the patient's face. The assembly includes a rigid, cup-shaped shell with a soft seal engaging and sealing against the pa ...