Suzuki Shigeki: Drug administration method. New X Nat Technology, November 17, 2004: EP1477119-A1 (429 worldwide citation)

A method of administering a drug whereby a fine drug powder can be accurately administered to a target site (in particular, a target site in the body cavity) via fluidization and spraying with a gas by using a micro tube. Concerning the administration mode, in particular, the drug alone or a biopoly ...

Blythe Robert Lewis: Method and apparatus for detecting tube occlusion. Valleylab, August 5, 1998: EP0856326-A1 (331 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for detecting an occlusion in a monitored pressure tube connected to a percutaneous passageway, wherein the pressure of inert gas within the tube is measured in relation to a predetermined pressure, and the rate of pressure change measured.

Risto Virtanen: Indicating means for a dosage dispensing device. Aktiebolaget Draco, Brumbaugh Graves Donohue & Raymond, May 26, 1987: US04668218 (186 worldwide citation)

An indicating means in a dosage dispensing device for medicaments, particularly a dosage inhaler which indicates a number of dosages administered from the dosage dispensing device. The indicating means includes a rotatable disc (1) having apertures (2) passing therethrough which can be filled with a ...

Carl Ritson, Reid M Rubsamen: Automatic aerosol medication delivery system and methods. Aradigm Corporation, Karl Bozicevic, March 7, 1995: US05394866 (166 worldwide citation)

A portable, battery powered, hand-held system for releasing a controlled dose of aerosol medication for inhalation by a patient including a durable body and a medication cassette inserted in the durable body. The cassette includes a housing for containing a canister of medication, bears an identific ...

Cocozza Salvatore: Inhaling device for powdered medicaments. ISF, Depaoli & O Brien, September 23, 1975: US3906950 (164 worldwide citation)

An inhaling device for medicinal powders comprising a pump and an inhaler wherein the inhaler has a cavity formed by the interconnection of two compartments for holding a puncturable capsule containing a medicinal powder. Two sliding needles acting against the action of return springs pierce the cap ...



Michael T Newhouse, W Douglas Baines: Dry powder inhaler and process that explosively discharges a dose of powder and gas from a soft plastic pillow. Robert M Wolters, September 27, 1994: US05349947 (134 worldwide citation)

A powder inhaler and process are provided for aerosolizing finely powdered or pulverized medication and a gas provided in a pillow or blister-type container of extremely thin elastic suitable plastic construction. The pillow is compressed between an anvil with a conical depression and a confronting ...

Davies Michael Birsha, Hearne David John, Rand Paul Kenneth, Walker Richard Ian: Inhalation device. Glaxo Group, September 25, 1991: GB2242134-A (128 worldwide citation)

An inhalation device uses a medicament pack (401) wherein at least one container (402) for powdered medicament is defined between two sheets (403, 404) peelably secured to one another. The device comprises means for peeling the sheets apart at an opening station to open the container; and an outlet ...

Nalinkant C Damani: Medicament dispensing process for inhalation therapy. Alza Corporation, Thomas E Ciotti, Paul L Sabatine, Edward L Mandell, July 27, 1976: US03971377 (120 worldwide citation)

A process for dispensing medicaments in aerosol form for inhalation therapy is disclosed. The process comprises: providing a hollow elongate housing having air inlet and air outlet passages; generating a positive pressure, air-stream between the inlet and outlet passages; rotationally releasing medi ...

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