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A surgical buttress-dispensing assembly configured for releasably engaging a surgical stapling device. The surgical buttress-dispensing assembly comprises an one-piece cartridge for receiving and engaging therein an elongate buttress strip, and a carrier configured to slidingly receive, engage, and ...

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The present invention provides a surgical stapling apparatus (10) and a buttress (52), i.e. pledget, for use in the surgical stapling apparatus (10), which buttress (52) provides sealing for hemostasis and pneumostasis, and which buttress (52) includes a continuous projection (57), or a plurality of ...

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A surgical bioabsorbable foam pledget is provided for use with a wound closure article such as a sutures or an annuloplasty ring. The surgical bioabsorbable foam pledget may optionally contain a medicinal agent.

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The invention is directed to a method of applying drug-release coatings whereby a polymer can be dissolved in a first solvent (solvent A) to form a polymer system and a drug can be dissolved or suspended in a second solvent (solvent B) to form a drug system. The coating or layer of coating so formed ...

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The invention relates to a medical device useful for the localized delivery of a therapeutic agent having at least one blood-contacting surface comprising a porous material having dispersed therein an elutable therapeutic agent. Preferred devices include a structure including a porous polymeric mate ...

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A drug eluting intravascular stent comprising: (a) a generally cylindrical stent body; (b) a solid composite of a polymer and a therapeutic substance in an adherent layer on the stent body; and (c) fibrin in an adherent layer on the composite. This may be prepared by the steps of: (a) providing a ge ...

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A multi-lamellar tissue-adhesive sheet has a first layer comprising a film-forming polymer, to which first layer is bonded a second layer of material containing tissue-reactive functional groups. The film-forming polymer is preferably a basic polysaccharide, particularly chitosan or a derivative the ...

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The invention provides biopolymer sponge tubes closed at one end for use in surgery. The preferred biopolymer is collagen. The biopolymer sponge tubes are prepared by forming an aqueous dispersion of the biopolymer, introducing the dispersion into tube-shaped moulds, freezing the dispersion in the m ...

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The present disclosure relates to implants including a porous substrate, a first hydrogel precursor, a second hydrogel precursor and a mesh. The first and second hydrogel precursors are applied to the porous substrate. The mesh has a first portion in contact with the porous substrate and a second po ...