Brian Thomas
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The present disclosure is directed to polymer compositions having one or more antioxidants providing high crosslink density and improved oxidation resistance to the polymer composition and methods for making same. Such polymer compositions can be advantageously used to make orthopedic implants. The ...

Brian Thomas
Brian H Thomas, Donald L Yakimicki, Oludele O Popoola, Michael Wallick: Modified polymeric materials and methods of modifying polymeric materials. Zimmer, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, January 6, 2015: US08927616

Methods of forming polymeric articles using plasma treated polymer resins, and orthopedic implants comprising a polymeric article wherein the polymeric article has reactive groups bonded to polymer molecules in an interior region of the polymeric article.

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A method for modifying the surface of a material adapted for contact with tissue of a human or non-human animal to impart biofunctional, bioactive or biomimetic properties to the surface comprising:

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A prosthesis used for a damaged bone, an artificial articular cartilage or an artificial intervertebral disc being characterized in that the prosthesis is a composite body comprising polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel and ceramic or metallic porous body. With this prosthesis, PVA hydrogel enhances lubricati ...

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Articles having improved absorbency for aqueous body fluids consist of body-conforming supports containing dry, solid water-swellable, water-insoluble polymeric sorbents which are lightly cross-linked polymers, such as polyvinylpyrrolidones, sulfonated polystyrenes, sulfonated polyvinyltoluenes, pol ...

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A curable composition of a monomeric heterocyclic acrylic or methacrylic ester and an acrylate or methacrylate polymer is used to promote tissue repair, especially cartilage repair. The monomer has the formula: where R = H or CH3 X = 3 to 6 membered heterocyclic ring @@m = 0, 1 or 2.

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An orthopaedic implant for implanting between adjacent vertebrae (10) and a spine, includes a generally annular bag (44); and a hardened polymer with the bag. The method of fusing adjacent vertebrae (10) in a spine includes the steps of forming an access hole (30) in an annulus (26) of a disc (12) b ...

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The invention is directed to a composition composed of a thermoplastic or thermosetting polymer which is capable of forming a biodegradable and/or bioerodible microporous, solid or gelatinous polymer matrix. The matrix is useful as an implant in animals for enhancing regeneration of cells and tissue ...

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The present invention relates to a ultra high molecular weight polyethylene molded article for artificial joints having molecular orientation of crystal orientation and to a method for preparing the same, wherein the polyethylene molded article having a low friction and excellent abrasion resistance ...

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A biocompatible tissue repair stimulating implant or "scaffold" device is used to repair tissue injuries, particularly injuries to ligaments, tendons and nerves. The tissue implant comprises one or more layers of bioabsorbable polymeric foam having pores with an open cell structure. The tissue impla ...