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A medical suturing material which is loaded into an automatic suturing device having a staple line when used. The medical suturing material has a main suturing material on which a shape maintaining support member made of a film or a sheet having rigidity is superposed, wherein the main suturing mate ...

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Incised or injured tissue is treated by introducing material that encourages healing to desired depths within the tissue. Particularly, the invention provides treatment of an access channel to a blood vessel by introducing to the tissue a hemostatic material to a position that is located adjacent, b ...

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Absorbable surgical sutures that are dimensionally stable within the body may be prepared by the extrusion of polylactide polymer, including copolymers of L(-) lactide with up to 35 mole percent of glycolide. Said polymers are characterized by an inherent viscosity of at least 1.0, and the extruded ...

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A suture-pledget combination is improved by applying a stiffening agent to at least a portion of the suture adjacent to the pledget to decrease the probability of tangling or twisting of the suture during use.

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A sterile body implant is derived from a body structure having as its major protein component collagens in the form of extracellular matrix. The body structure is treated to remove cellular membranes, nucleic acids, lipids and cytoplasmic components. Such structures are implanted internally in the b ...

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A preformed ligature comprises a loop, loop forming closure and an extension which may be pulled to close the loop about a bleeder. One preformed ligature according to the invention is formed of a continuous loop of gut or synthetic suture material tied into a slip knot to form the closure and the e ...

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A method of coating an implantable prosthesis by applying a composition including a therapeutic substance and a fluid to the prosthesis and removing the fluid is disclosed. The fluid is not capable of significantly dissolving the therapeutic substance. A second fluid in which the therapeutic substan ...

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A device for repairing torn tissue or muscle such as the meniscus of the knee. The device consists of a pair of needles detachably secured to a pair of anchoring members having a plurality of barb-like projections extending outwardly therefrom. The anchoring members are joined by a suture which conn ...

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Synthetic absorbable sutures and other surgical devices are prepared from polymers of p-dioxanone and 1,4-dioxepan-2-one, and alkyl substituted derivatives thereof. Monofilament sutures of oriented fibers are characterized by good tensile and knot strength and a high level of flexibility and softnes ...

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An implant assist apparatus is disclosed for implanting material such as a suture in tissue to reapproximate or reinforce the tissue. A cannula is provided having a hollow body and an open proximal and distal end. Point means is detachably fixed to the open proximal end of the cannula for penetratin ...