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Bandage for use in the continuous administration of drugs by absorption comprising a backing member bearing a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on one surface thereof. Distributed throughout the pressure-sensitive adhesive are microcapsules comprised of a systemically active drug encapsulated with a ...

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A medical-surgical dressing is provided for topical application as a conforming cover for the therapy and protection of burns and the like. The dressing which has a porous laminated construction includes a facing layer of thrombogenic open-cell foam material and a coextensive gas-permeable backing. ...


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Bandage for use in the continuous administration of systemically active drugs by absorption through the skin or oral mucosa comprising a backing member having on one surface thereof a reservoir containing a systemically active drug. The reservoir has a wall distant from the backing member and permea ...

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A bandage for use in the continuous administration of drugs to the skin or mucosa, comprising a backing member defining one exterior surface, a surface of pressure-sensitive adhesive defining a second exterior surface, and disposed therebetween a reservoir containing drug formulation confined therei ...

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Drug-delivery system for releasing drug at a controlled rate for a prolonged period of time is formed from a solid inner matrix material having solid particles of drug dispersed therethrough. Surrounding the inner matrix is an outer polymeric membrane, insoluble in body fluids. Both the inner matrix ...

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A wound dressing includes a first layer located adjacent the wound and which comprises a material that is bioabsorbable, porous and adapted for serving as a scaffold for cell attachment and proliferation; and a second layer which is in contact with the first layer and which comprises an absorbent, g ...

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An absorbent dressing having an absorbent layer defined by water soluble hydrocolloidal composition capable of absorbing of at least about fifteen times its weight of body exudate and retaining said exudate under pressure of up to about 2.5 p.s.i.

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This invention relates to a moisture-vapor-permeable pressure-sensitive adhesive material for use on animal skin and nails, e.g. a surgical drape, suture strip or sheet, adhesive dressing, bandage, plaster, strapping tape, decorative nail covering, or decorative cosmetic product. The adhesive materi ...

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Hydrogel composites are provided having improved fluid absorption efficiencies which render them especially useful in disposable absorbent articles, such as diapers, catamenial devices and the like. The hydrogels are in particulate form, each particle or agglomerate of particles being substantially ...